Sunday, 23 January 2011

My Weekend.

Hello hello hello hello hello my beautiful followers and readers,
I had such an amazing weekend, it  started of with waking up early on saturday to get my hair done for my friend's batmizfah, i loved it it was taylor swift inspired, in a few weeks i would have pictures up (new computer for my bday), picture below:

it looked quite similar and i liked it very much, then my friend Elle came round so we can get ready and my makeup was quite similar to Taylor's aswell.
The girl whose batty it was looked AMAZING, she looked like a fairy wearing this BRIGHT pink dress which was tight at the top with a tutu bottom half WOW, with diamantes on. The party room was decorated pink, with a photobooth - yes i was there a lot, pictures soooon. Well at around 11pm an announcement came on so we all rushed to the stage and guess who came on:

i do love them very so, so me and my 2 friends (Grace and Millie) did get to the front first and YES, Harry Styles held my hand (!!!!!!), Liam held it and so did Zayne, and guess what is sitting in my room right now. NIAL'S DRUNKEN FROM WATER BOTTLE, Grace to Harry's before i could :(. 
I was soo happy!
and Zayne smiled at me many many times and Harry held my hand for like 10 minutes, i was so happy. He literally held out his hand at me and i grabbed it and never let go till my friend pulled me off cause his finger started going white since i was holding it to hard :/ oh well it was fun and romantic.


and in less then 2 weeks it is my BIRTHDAY! x so exspect a lot coming up, reviews, disses,looks and hauls 
! xxxx


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Taylor's hair looks very pretty like that so I'm sure yours did as well!


  2. thanx so much savannah, i love ur comments and everyones in fact xxxxxx