Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Would i do a youtube? Better question : would you like me to do a youtube?

Yes oh yes, the news has arrived to ALL OF YOU,

i'm quite excited for telling you all this, but i am probably starting a youtube, a beauty youtube. One of my best friends, Jeanette/JJ, had a blog, emphasis on the HAD called coke-addicted-js.blogspot.com, the web html she does still own but EVERYTHING had been deleted, including the posts but she said she might start a youtube.

This idea interested me quite a lot, since i have thought of it many times, one time making a video but then realized i forgot my youtube password. I've chickened out many times but now i think it is time to face the facts.


Many people inspired me after I started a blog, one of my favourite bloggers who do follow me: Julie at brokenblush.blogspot.com made a youtube which i love - she is amazing i hope one day you come to london and you can do a meetup or something - PLEASE. She inspired me loads, with many other youtubers such as - Becca at youtube.com/Euchante , Beccy i think from youtube.com/macbarbie07 , obvs Blair and Elle, Fleur at youtube.com/FleurDeForce

I am still using my mothers computers though, but my BIRTHDAY, MY 13TH BIRTHDAY, is on February 5th - for any of you who like buying prezzies :) is very soon and i am getting a MacBook, from my dad. I'm so excited, i'm probs only going to use my Imovie or Photobooth, so not amazing qualitity but hey for a 12/13 year old ITS GOOD, well Jeanette's camera is amazing but oh well, thought that counts. I would probably making my videos very soon during the dates of 1st feb - 7th feb, obvs beauty related :D

Well as you can here i am pretty pumped but still nervous, i hope u all follow and watch and comment obviously i will still be blogging but youtube as well. 

I need to know one thing though:


Well now i have said the main news thought i would do just a quick FOTD :D....

i'm in my school gym kit so no point doing an OOTD so here it goes:

My hair:

inspired from a photo in the knitwear shoot for the Weekly News of the World fabulous magazing aka my bible, a one sided messy plait with an added flower.
For my face im wearing:

- Scarlet and Crimson Punk Your Eyes eyeliner for my upper lash line
- Eyelash curl

- Natural Collection Warm Pressed Powder using mac 249 brush i think the big blush brush by mac.
- Sephora blush in Classics Never Die Section using same brush

Lips -

- Collection 2000 colourstay dabbed on in Pink Shock
- Mac Syrup lipstick

Last but not least section is about my class's dance for our schools dance show

brief on dance show : years 7-10 + any gcse/a level dance to a routine with costumes etc...

Our class has terrible music but our dance is quite cool like its quite rhythmic - i do drums but im TERRIBLE with rhythm so if we had something like Pokerface by lady gaga our dance would be WICKED AWESOME, but our costumes were fitted today which i LOVE. in the middle of the dance we have cartwheels and stuff - not from me DUH dont u know me better then that im terrible at those so those people have priority of the 2 choices for costumes - we where different things. They have an AWESOME pink leopard print one knot tied shoulder dress but that weird stretchy material or , like me, have a velvety felty dark red mixture of colours one shoulder dress. it sounds eh but its nice on and quite slimming :). We started having a class convo once fitted about hair and makeup we decided we WANTED, a plait like french braid round the head then with a huge flower - preffs red which i already have. with matching lipstick and heavily lined eyes, i settled with a friend, Ella who is participating many ideas and kind of the head of it that i would try and find a photo 

so here are some pics we love:


we have settled on a lipstick:

Collection 2000's Colourstay Lipstick in queen of hearts, i've been on skype to Ella and Jeanette whilst writing this.

XXXX for today, birthday soon, and ttyl and see u soon youtube...

fyi :

youtube for my non uploaded video account - youtube.com/TheBeautyBug2010

Twitter - twitter.com/PStollerX 

lusm x

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