Saturday, 29 January 2011

4 Things Tag

Today i'm doing a tag someone requested, the 4 things tag, it looks awesome so here it goes:

4 Things In my Bag:
- Pink Ipod Nano
- Mini Mirror Keyring
- Phone
- Starbucks Voucher

4 Things In My Purse:
- Money
- Boots Advantage Card
- Topshop Vouch
- Lush Receipt

4 Favourite Things in My Room 
- Wall Painting
- TeddyBear Light
- Books
- Lush Bag

4 Things You Always Wanted To Do:
- Be an architect
- Have a world famous blog
- Have a youtube
- Date Matt Lanter

4 Things I am Currently Into
- Cher Lloyd
- Bloggin
- Youtube 
- French

4 Things I bet you didn't know bout me:
- I have only ever been to one school 
- my cat is called Splat
- My dad lives in South Africa

4 Songs I cant geyd out of my head:
- Better Then Revenge - Taylor Swift
- Whip ma hair by willow smith
- turn my swag on by cher lloyd
- Empire State of mind by Glee

4 Shows You Watch:
- Pretty Little Liars
- 90210
- Glee
- Skins

4 Things Passionate About:
- Smily Emotiocons
- Anti-bullyign
- Losing Weight
- Makeup

4 Things You have learnt from past:
- Power = Selfishness
- You don;t know what u got till u lost it
- nobody is perfect
- Trying hard might not always lead to succeeding but at least you feel good.

4 Places You would like to visit:
- L.A 
 - Thailand
- Turkey
- Portugal

4 Things you did yesturday:
- Listen to my ipod
- watch my sister in drama performance
- maths homework
- breath 

4 Thigns Looking forward to:
- Chinease takeaway
- Birthday
- Party
- Brighton 

hope u have a good weekend xx wats ur 4's?


  1. I had chinese for dinner last night! (:
    LA is beautiful, I went there during spring break last year.
    I liked this post a lot!


  2. famous blog.. Hope you have one :)
    following you..

  3. @savannah:
    wow you just made me so jelous. literally, hence the no sarcasm in my voice. I love chinease, in fact my birthday is a saturday and my family LOVES having mini celebrations on our birthday eves so on mine - friday, we are going out for chinease :) and my grandma said as my 'bday eve' prezzie shell do my art homework for me :D - shes an artist woop....., i hope u continue enjoying x

    wow thanx for following, means a lot. hahaha x I LOVE UR BLOG x