Tuesday, 1 February 2011

My 1st Slideshow Hair Tutorial : MeganHeartsMakeup Inspired, BREAKING MY HAIR TUTORIAL VIRGINITY.

Hi my friends,
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Well today since it is a good day, school day, work day, blog day, tv day (90210 IN 2 HOURS: writing this at: 19.04) so decided to do, obvs, a blog post. I wanted to do something new, so i asked my blog-reading friend who used to have a blog till quite recently (Jeanette - i mention her a lot) helped me chose what post i should do and i decided to do my FIRST, yes 1st, hair tutorial. Hair-tutorial-virginity gone!, i saw on a girl called Faye's blog a hair tutorial in a slideshow so i decided to have my own go,
i hope u enjoy:


wait, i ISNT WORKING AHHHHHH ill just post individual pics

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overall it is a really pretty, feminine look which is very adaptable due to your personality, lets say u LOVE flowers in your hair, you can add a flower clib to the back of the hair or to the side or if u have a flower elastic u can use that, or if u like bows- like me, u can add a bow or a bow hair band etc, list is endless but i think u get the drift..

Tell me if you like these? cause let's say i do not make a youtube i think i will do some more slideshow tutorials, but this was the 1st one i made one so it might be terrible but hopefully will improve, for makeup and hair etc....You can add voice clips as well so it could be like a voice-over? hmmm consideration...


p.s - My birthday is on the 5th of Feb, 1st is today. soo 4 nights, 4 and a half days.

p.p.s - I'm going to Brighton with a friend on my birthday :) and my family of course

p.p.p.s - as you know, especially my follower Savannah, i lOVE Chinese food so on my birthday eve - which my fam do celebrate but we do not get prezzies or anything just meal out, we are going to , one of, my favourite chinese restaurents - The Kanton in China Town :)

p.p.p.p.s - I will do a bday haul and on Sunday i'm going to westfield as like a small party so i will do 2 hauls or maybe one MAJOR haul

p.p.p.p.p.s - I LOVE YOU ALL

oh yeah p.p.p.p.p.p.s - what posts/slideshows do u want coming soon?

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