Friday, 4 February 2011

Pre-Birthday Hauling :D, LUSM LUSM LUSM LUSM LUSM LUSM LUSM JEANETTE and again, LUSM my followers :)

Ello ello ello mes fellows. (Translate to normal: Hello my friends and my lovely followers)

WEEEEEll as you know, or well i hope you do, its my birthday tomorrow.
February 5th, 1998. Do not forget, or do but i'll remind you, my lovely , forgetful, readers. 
Over the past few weeks i have stashed together a few products which i would love to share with all of you even though my birthday tomoz, my semi-party is on sunday and many more thigns to buy with bday money i decided to do this today...

Post Disclaimer: I AM NOT BRAGGING

Curtousy of Jeanette- Nars Mini Nail Polish in Versaille   
Thanx to elle: Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Refreshing Eye Gel

Again thanx to jeanette - Pretty Powerful Bobbie Brown Palette. the packaging itself is just like omg. 
 jeanette also odered me 2 yankee candles one in caramel, below, and one in something cotton haha xx lusm but they ahvent arrived yet

things im loving recently:

xxx folllowing and subscribing make my day, and so do comments and its a great bday prezzie x