Monday, 7 February 2011

Hello, 13, Lush Birthday Collective Haul

Hello hello hello,
It's me again, but not just me
A grownup me
with a MACBOOK
and more in-depth blogging - i hope

well now that that annoying intro is over should i get to the point, well my birthday was on Saturday and i turned 13!!!!!! I got quite a few things, not loads and deffs not bragging and i will do a haul. But on Sunday, i went to Westfield - for the, no offence, freaks who do not know what Westfield is it is like the biggest shopping centre in london, White City. I went with many many friends including: Ella, Ella, Elle, Melina, Iniga, Millie, Jeanette, Gabi, Yasmin, Amberli there was deffs another person. but i cant think.
well as usual we HAD TO GO TO LUSH, and duh i did have a few lush presents so here we gooooo:

Gabi got me the Wild Child giftbox

Inside it includes: up You Gets Emotibomb

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

Rockstar Soap

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Happy Hippy Shower Gel

For myself i bought:

Mrs Whippy

Sex Bomb

Twilight - Elle got me this

My lush bag :)

I also got myself Fizzbanger


and Yasmin got me:
Sparkle Gift Box and Tisty Tosty

Sweetie Pie Shower Gel
Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar

Millie Got me:
Ice Blue Soap
and my favourite, another chunk of Porridge

and my mum bought me Ex Factor

Yasmin/In Joke Person got me this

 Now being in my room bored rolling round;

hope u enjoy, and much NICER photos to be expected, expect more OOTD, EOTD etc.. with photobooth :D


  1. Hope you had a great birthday! I wish there was a Lush near me!


  2. aww thanx so much savannah, i love how ur always comenting, please do continue - if there was a Top Follower Award i know you would get my vote, where do you live? mmm lush if ur not in the main city can be quite hard but it is worth it. currently the lush website is down due to a hacker if ur in the UK but make an online order as soon as possible! it is pure recomendation!!! i love my lush, my comments, and of coure my followers