Saturday, 12 February 2011

Spring Fashion Wish List 2011

Hola babes,
hows u?
good thanx,
well i just got back from my friends house, Vivi and Izzy - twins but i was there for izzy and another friend called Amberli was there for Vivi. and late last night we went to the 02 Centre to watch Never Say Never, we pre-booked tickets and turns out the film is next week. only comes out next week. oops. sso we went and bought tickets to wait forgot the name, will come back to me. About three girls in uni. we were with adults btw. We got some sushi, virgin pina coladas and shared a hot waffle with whipped cream :), we then saw the fish PEDICURES. you know the ones where u put your feet in a tank and these pihranna-like fish eat the dead skin, the ones which is like the 2010 best treatment for feet appaz or the celbs have it and it was £10 for 15 mins, wait ill get some pics off google to show u:

ok i didny 'hurt' more like tickled weirdly, like severe pins and needles, and when they moved it was uncomfortable  but it was nice and u get used to it. then after that the movie was bout to start and we were told we couldnt go in cause it was after 10pm and u have to be over 18 to c a film after that time, even though we were with 2 adults! and it was a 12A, idiotic much? 

well this is just a quick post cause i do have one coming up, which i hope ull love cause it would take me A WHILE to do it! i know some people will love it or hate it, please love it.

ok i can give you a clue. Pretty little Liars.
well this post , moving on, is about Spring Fashion. i've done a trends for s/s 2011 so now its time to put it to work. ready girls?

i hope u have a bit of an idea of what type of thing i like, if u like these then DUH ill do more of them, comment follow subscribe. lusm x

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