Wednesday, 9 February 2011

On my way to school, home now. 3 hour day. FOTD, 00TD: 9.2.11

ok this is just a quickie, mind the sexual pun, but i work up ready to visit my prep school for five minutes to get an address to send to a letter to a teacher with cancer but my headmistress was rude to me and my sister and my friend, mariam i don't think ive mentioned her before, but she told us to leave. then i got back to school and my form tutors wife works at my prep school and mariam went up to him and he said on saturday. mariam was like wtf saturday and he replied she died on saturday. So the teacher with cancer is now dead :'(, and me and mariam and our sisters were crying heavily and we were asked to go home. They just left our house at 13.43, we were sent home at like 11am, but thought i would just post a 00TD etc..

H&M Black leggings - 3.99£?
Forever 21 Shorts
School Jumper

mac studio tech foundation NW15 - slightly light
Rimmel liquid eyeliner
my new fave lip combo: Mac Her Fancy lipstick and Sugarimmed DazzleGlass as u can see

btw the purse i showed is one i got from Melina, from claires and its alice & wonderland themed i love it!!! so cute, just thought i would show u,

r.i.p, love u all x

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