Thursday, 10 February 2011

Dance Show 2011, baby!

i just got back from my schools annual dance show woohoooooo. our dance was called SunChyme and our costumes were a mixture of Cavemen and Prostitutes, last years was just slutty. but the new teacher, the new hitler. well shes not that bad.
but our dance was so, um, technicle? it was horrifically messed up but appaz the audience didnt notice. lie much. i just got home, and im so tired, at least Elle's lovely cousin Hannah went out to Starbucks and we got both Medium Mocha Frappys with Cream. yum yum, besides feeling slightly sick afterwards the buzz made me wake up. its 8.39 and we only performed at 7.30 but we had to be in the gym FROM 4.30 GRRRRR. and stay there. it was grrrrr. my usual pen liners have a) dried out, b) the pen fell off! ? wtf. so i used pencil and liquid which im experimenting more with. Here are some photobooth pics:

well many photobooth pics

xxxxxx lusm 

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