Friday, 17 December 2010

Could she be of inspiration?..........................................

Lady Gaga, yes o yes o yes....ok u either love or hate her.NO, i am not a die-hard fan of this talented celeb but a mild fan, yes-o-deedy...

Im sorry but Telephone is a piece of creative genius///originally written from Britney tthough, we all know hit me baby one more time or Womanizer but if u say Telephone by Gaga u instantly are overwhelmed by the overpowering creativity to it. IT WOULD NOT BE THE SAME IF BRITTANY SPEARS SANG IT, no offence...i hated her at first pokerface and just dance were so tacky at first, they were so new. There was no music like it. But u get used to the upbeat tune and the overpowering auto-tune..or the perverted videos...Bad Romance probs changed my view on her...
Ok enough of MY views on her, lets get down to the meaning of the blogpost, behind her ice blonde locks and the OUTRAGEOUS clothing, the meat dress was PURE EWW. But behind all of that is left good makeup inspiration weird i know. But in a way we all know the trends : bold lips, strong smokey eyes, coral lips, berry, NUDE lips....i just noticed but Gaga did them first u just dont notice them like the sexual subliminal message in disney things (look it up on youtube). Here are some pics to prove it:

 a good dupe for this lipstick is Syrup by mac...The glowy pale skin is all so new its hard to take in..nice glasses btw

The bow, the bow, the bow, i LOVE bows and this probs what made me love them, the hair bow. Creative Genius. Matt skin, bronzed cheekbones and that light coral lipstick, the only similar thing i can think of COULD BE Sweetie by Mac..

This is a subliminal message for a silver/grey dramatic smokey. This highlighted features and coral lips and blush (I LOVE THOSE LIPSSS) with the drama of those power lashes and the glitter silver smokey..and how cool are those rhinestoned nails

 she looks very pink here, might be the overpowering but o-so-pretty blush, a good dupe might be urmmmm Pink Swoon by Mac and that lipstick with the goldish peachy centry just looks belle...Her EYES though are the things that stand out, so powerful.
 Put on a bikini and a pair o shorts and shed look like a bronze goddess coming back from a beach trip, her pinky lips make her skin look flawless and the added bronzer is pretty.
When i see this i can just here Jay saying Fierce, beautiful WORK IT GIRL (i was watching Americas next top model earlier)....She looks different then the other more subtle looks, the red lips stand out even with the red satin hood on her and the dramatic liner also suits...

Crazy - YES
just takeaway the outragiousness and u got pure beauty. How many of these looks have u used (RHETORICAL QUESTION)? pink lips, bronzed godess, silver smokeyeye? sound familiar right i know weird huh and lady gaga's done em all..
.IM gonna STOP judging her as a crazy women but as a pretty girl with a agressive creative side....
DO u think she looks pretty in some of these????????/

Ok personally as a sum up of her, i think she has gone down in music history along with Elvin and MJ, she has changed the music world and there is NOBODY like her.
Always remember to be unique, just like everyone else.

Cutting Down the Calories

Hey poppets,
its me, long time no post (few days)............................well it is winter time, xmas is coming up :)..........calories intakes coming up and then if that happens so would my weight. I am at a healthy weight for my age, slim NOT thin, not chubby not fat. I wish i was thinner though, doesnt everyone......I have tried cutting down the cals, never worked. THIS TIME I AM DETERRRRRRRRRRMINED!!!

Ok, so i won't completely stop with the sugar, junk, choco etc...but will cutdown...
What i am hoping to lose is min 5lbs and MAX 1st, i would love to lose a stone by feb 5th (My 13th bday), well that is just a not-completely-random-but-nearly-random date i would love to lose that amount but it is unlikely unless i go VERY determined! 5lbs i would love, 7 would be even better (half a stone), i won't use a weighing scale but i would notice, my cheekbones would come more out and the tummy will be slimmer. I have pretty thin legs and similar arms but i hate my face, it is quite round so any weight put on DOES show which i hate cause if i
suck in my cheeks i look fab x...

.i was thinking to myself earlier after reading a blogger do a blogpost on how she is an amateur  fashion model, my mum used to model and i would quite like to model. But i am confident but would feel better being thinner, u always hear those stories of 'how i was confident with my weight, so i started modelling but with all those size 00 models round me i felt uncomfortable so i started not eating' bla blah blah.........ok im not certain bout modelling but it looks fun :)....

My weight-loss program will hopefully involve more exercise and less cals:

Low cal,eg: cereal. Cereal are complex carbs, instead of instant energy they produce energy which comes out over the period of the morning so ur less likely to be hungry. The cereal i would chose is Weatabix, with its bland ewy flavour u can add stuf. I recomend Canderal Sugar. Canderal is a low cal , 2cals per teaspon, sugar which can be bought anywhere, it is a great substiture for sugar cause sugar is 20cals per teaspoon. I love having one or 2 teaspoons of canderal and some grapes with my weatabix, i recomend have 2 pieces of weatabix instead of one, it will fill u up. Other options i would eat would be fresh fruit saled or a boiled egg.

Jacket potatoes are always a good option, quite low cal, filling and energy giving. other options could be Sushi, we ca nget small boxes of sushi at my school but we pay with a swipe card (they give us one at beginning of year nd u swipe into school with it and buy food on it) but it is priced at £3.48 for a box of like 5 things. One of smoke salmon bagels are ok..Smaller portions are apealing to me, salads or soup is also a good option..

I recommend having a bigger dinner, ur more likely peckish in the evening after dinner if u have an early dinner, which is better cause food is more likely to digest properly, so have a more balenced dinner such as grilled chicken and chips with vegetables. Chicken or minastrone soup, small amount of pasta etc....Try and get protein in here as well....

Fruit & veg:
I love fruit, but too much mixed together can be too much sugar and put on weight. Try and have them for dessert or have a small fruit saled for lunch or breakky. Veg, not as big a fan of this but my mum does make a meaaaaaaaaaan veggi soup, my eldest sister used to be veggie till recently and she always cooked this and it is good! with a mixture of a bunch of yummy veg i usually hate such as Courgette (ewww, who tries to be a cucomber.) tastes good with the mixture.....I recommend celery and fennel, because these are NEGATIVE calories if u eat them fresh, with the coldness and vitamins in them they are negative calories meaning that ur fat cells and energy have to work to heat them up and store as energy, LOSING CALORIES just by eating, i wish that worked with McDonalds.........

Special K mini breaks are really good and low cal, fruit and veg duh, no cereal bars!! they are to high in sugar and fats, a naughty snack i love, i have a pack next to me now at 113 cals are Vimto Chewy Sweets, yummy!!!!

Chocolate & Junk:
Cutdown at these!!! have none at lunch, i only have one bit of chocolate usually, it recently has become a habit of only having my Advent Calender, today i had a Wreath, there small and yummy, i have mine after breakfast. Try and eat a lack of sweets, drumstick lollies r a fave of mine but they are not good for u!! and they r addictive, grrrrrrr. stay away from u binge foods, like ice-cream, many people i know LOVE mint choco icecream (ew-ish). stay away from it but if u crave it, frozen yougurt is a good sub. Junk food, try and limit it down to like One maccyd's a month or one tackaway a month, i personally LOVE chinease yum yum....

Alltogether i hopefully should lose weight, im gonna do more walking etc....exercise plans i dont really stick to but i will do a reg update. hopefully one a week, for u 2 see how im doing, feel free to join me on this weight loss adventure xxxxx

Monday, 13 December 2010

An Asos Outfit

Hey everyone,
many good bloggers have done this and entered a competition to win a 20% off ASOS outfit. I thought i would try this just for fun and see what i can do...I might do more then one of these since they are really fun to do!!!

Outfit One
Sexy Semi-Formal Party

Rare One Sleeved Organza Ruffle Dress - £38
(I just bought this, currently sold out thanx to me)
 You can chose either: Both £45
inspired by Pixie Lott
ASOS POSH bow heeled shoe in the style of Pixie Lott, for a much smarter event
Black Lace
 ASOS Wooly Bow Aliceband With Stone Embellishment - £7, usually £10
Total : 38+45+7 - 20% = £72....

I hope you like XXX hth

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Hair Routine

I'm back in london so that means I'M BACK AT BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGING.....woop so today i'm gonna do a post i dont think i've ever done:
My haiiir routttttttine! Ok it isnt that long but i hope it sure is interesting....if it's not tell me what u want to see and ill doo it.....

i'm not a hair junkie even though i wish i am.....I have dark blonde long straight hair. I like it but it never is my ideal hair, i always dream of having curls, daily thinking from sharp intense spiral curls to soft beach S shaped curles mmmmmmm

Ok ill start with shampoo etc...
My favourite shampoo & conditioner would be L'oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner, i am yet to try the deep conditioner but i think i'm gonna get it soon, it looks brill. These may be AMAZING hair products but they are quite pricey. I love their pink bottles and they say on the back: Cashmere feel the first time i used this it felt SO SOFT!!!!! if anyone sees this and thinks hmmmm i want to buy Perdi/Me a prezzie for xmas or for fun i might get her the L'oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Deep Conditioner which comes in a cute tub!

my cutrrent shampoo and and conditioner are by Pantene, the Smooth & Sleek range, i am yet to try out the Aqua-Light range, i deffs want the Nourishing Mist which also looks sooo bril!!!!!!! This one really smooths out any frizz, which i dont realy like but when i roll my hair (read on to find out more) it helps with extra smoothness to the curls so u dont get rough frizzy ones :/....It also makes ur hair really soft! I usually only use a small bit of this and then another shampoo but just read on to find out...btw its the one in the green, i also like the Goldish one, especially if u use heated products...

weirdly i find this isnt another, tut tut tut, it is but i love my hair being EXTRA nourishedd and i think my hair is getting darker which i dislike, i miss my light blonde locks, but my hair is on a seven year cycle, every 7 years things happen to it over the period of time. It runs in my families genes, my eldest sister shedds some, not all, hair and i go darker/lighter and i do NOT die it...I like my hair lighter though :/,,,to try and help my fixation on lighter hair, once i've put in my Smooth & Sleek Shampoo, lather it bout then wash off,  i then do the matching conditioner...Once this is done i put on the Pantene Blonde Expressions Shampoo....This lifts, volumises and slightly highlights the hair, aiming for colour treated hair (lol, too bad)...
I also love the deep conditioner, which confuses me. It says use it after each wash (shampoo etc...) but then how is it a deep conditioner...if someone knows please help me with that. but its good and it REALLY SOFTENS THE HAIR this whole blonde expression line does! which is nice...

Once i've washed my hair etc...i've started blow drying my hair, my only heated product i use....i use any hair dryer, im not that picky on this type of thing and just blow dry it. But if i want to put FOAM rollers in my hair i get my rollers ready then brush through each section im bout to roll individually and also blow dry that once section. Then i put my rollers in. once i've done a side of my head i blow over that again to make sure its dry and volumized. then i do the same on the other side.....

My brush, de-tangler (Which i love, its cheap and it softens, add shines, detangles, heat protects and smells great) and rollers are below:
In order, Denman Boar Bristle Brush (slightly pricey but worth it if u have long thick hair), Aussi Lusious Long  Conditioner, Superdrug Foam Rollers...

I couldnt find my rollers but they are pink and ocme in packs of 6 form superdrug, i bought 3 packets last year and have around 2 and a half still.....I use foam ones cause metal ones TANGLE IN UR HAIR and they are comfy and cheap.....I use about 9, 4 on my right side, 4-5 on my left and usually one in the very back. I try to vary which way i roll them, away or facing my head usually i do each side in 4 parts, upper layer, one facing in one out and then underneath do the opposite way round, then repeat on the other side.....Take them out as l8ter as poss and hairspray them, i love curls and they last usually 8 hours if ur lucky :)

XXX might be lack of posts due to finals xxxx LUSM bloggers and PLEASE follow, no point leaving a comment saying i love ur blog, if u do love my blgo FOLLOW please and recomend what u wanna see more of on here xxx