Friday, 17 December 2010

Could she be of inspiration?..........................................

Lady Gaga, yes o yes o yes....ok u either love or hate her.NO, i am not a die-hard fan of this talented celeb but a mild fan, yes-o-deedy...

Im sorry but Telephone is a piece of creative genius///originally written from Britney tthough, we all know hit me baby one more time or Womanizer but if u say Telephone by Gaga u instantly are overwhelmed by the overpowering creativity to it. IT WOULD NOT BE THE SAME IF BRITTANY SPEARS SANG IT, no offence...i hated her at first pokerface and just dance were so tacky at first, they were so new. There was no music like it. But u get used to the upbeat tune and the overpowering auto-tune..or the perverted videos...Bad Romance probs changed my view on her...
Ok enough of MY views on her, lets get down to the meaning of the blogpost, behind her ice blonde locks and the OUTRAGEOUS clothing, the meat dress was PURE EWW. But behind all of that is left good makeup inspiration weird i know. But in a way we all know the trends : bold lips, strong smokey eyes, coral lips, berry, NUDE lips....i just noticed but Gaga did them first u just dont notice them like the sexual subliminal message in disney things (look it up on youtube). Here are some pics to prove it:

 a good dupe for this lipstick is Syrup by mac...The glowy pale skin is all so new its hard to take in..nice glasses btw

The bow, the bow, the bow, i LOVE bows and this probs what made me love them, the hair bow. Creative Genius. Matt skin, bronzed cheekbones and that light coral lipstick, the only similar thing i can think of COULD BE Sweetie by Mac..

This is a subliminal message for a silver/grey dramatic smokey. This highlighted features and coral lips and blush (I LOVE THOSE LIPSSS) with the drama of those power lashes and the glitter silver smokey..and how cool are those rhinestoned nails

 she looks very pink here, might be the overpowering but o-so-pretty blush, a good dupe might be urmmmm Pink Swoon by Mac and that lipstick with the goldish peachy centry just looks belle...Her EYES though are the things that stand out, so powerful.
 Put on a bikini and a pair o shorts and shed look like a bronze goddess coming back from a beach trip, her pinky lips make her skin look flawless and the added bronzer is pretty.
When i see this i can just here Jay saying Fierce, beautiful WORK IT GIRL (i was watching Americas next top model earlier)....She looks different then the other more subtle looks, the red lips stand out even with the red satin hood on her and the dramatic liner also suits...

Crazy - YES
just takeaway the outragiousness and u got pure beauty. How many of these looks have u used (RHETORICAL QUESTION)? pink lips, bronzed godess, silver smokeyeye? sound familiar right i know weird huh and lady gaga's done em all..
.IM gonna STOP judging her as a crazy women but as a pretty girl with a agressive creative side....
DO u think she looks pretty in some of these????????/

Ok personally as a sum up of her, i think she has gone down in music history along with Elvin and MJ, she has changed the music world and there is NOBODY like her.
Always remember to be unique, just like everyone else.


  1. I suppose gaga has changed the fashion world with her extravagant sense of style, but i wouldn't call her an icon, she's more of a 'made people realise they can wear what they want to wear when they want to' card of person!

    'for all your latest fashion updates!'

  2. i love gaga she does what she wants and gets what she wants xx

  3. becca i totes agree, and cool blog i LOVE it, please sub back, it will totes (totally) make my day, and kirsty i think ur view on her is TOO TRUE xxxx follow and subscribe, ur comments make my day xxxx (as will ur follows)