Monday, 20 December 2010

Review: O.P.I Pretty & Priviledged

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Todays random blog post is a review: O.P.I Pretty & Privileged. Tomoz i am going to Westfield with a few friends so i decided to paint my nails, i bought Pretty & Privileged after finding out that 90210 girls sponsered/designed 3 colours. Silver designed the beautiful shimmery purple Queen of West Web-Erly, Annie designed Sweet as Annie-Thing , the perky lollipop red, and Naomi designed Pretty &  Privileged, the gorgeous cranberry.

Slowly, i'm gonna buy Queen Of West Web-erly next but this is a review on Pretty & Privileged.
Ill Start with colour:
ok imagine, a dark red juicccy cherry, then imagine it glazed over so it is shiny. bam thats pretty & privileged. its a dark red cranberry, with light-reflecting shimmer its not pure red with some pink undertones.
wow when i bought, i rarely use it since the prcie and since 90210 means a lot to me that i like to savour it, but i first tried it and BLAH ewww now i love it. The texture is thin but opaque, i did JuicyStar07's trick which is one centre sweep, two left, to right. I tried using this with other companies it didnt work but with opi it really did. The colour is creamy but not as light as other polished :/, it dries quickly. The brush size is PERFECT weirdly flexible, i would think to despise but no useful indeedy.

this is just ONE cote, look how opaque, the second coat adds the xmassy redness to the cherry cranberries hahaha....

as i mentioned how much i l over the brush to this i just put 17 High Gloss Topcoat ontop, it has a usual small nd thin brush, precise and nice but nothing conpared to this one btw...
and the gloss add the extra sheen to this pretty pollish

4 1/2 Stars

woooooooo xxxxxxx


  1. So pretty!
    When did this mini collection come out?


  2. i think it came out last year but i never saw them in stores! i bought mine off a website, i wish i new the name i got it last year...but u can find them on many websites...dnt forget to follow and ur comments make my day

  3. i love this colour, great to see another UK blogger. xxx

    Following your blog too!!

    Follow bk :)

    ps I can help ya with ya blog if you want :)