Thursday, 23 December 2010


hey, i finally worked out how to work my comp cam so blog posts r waaaaaay easier..last night went to an xmas party and this is what i wore:

Blue Sequin Blazer - Select Fashion
Black V Neck - Primark i think
Jeans - Select Fashion
Necklace - Mikey Jewelry 
Feux Rainbow Snakeskin Belt - Primark

Natural Collection Duo Eyeshadow in Mocha/Latte - the light brown all over lid
Beauty UK Pallette 4 - peachy over brown to lighten it
Eyeko Grafitti Eyeliner Pen black - on upper lash line
Eyelash Curler
Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara

Natural Collection Coverup Cream (my face has been quite clear since my new lush fm)
Wild Beauty Highliting Cream

Mac Stroke of Lust lure collection
BarryM Toffee Lipgloss (LOVER COMBO)

inspired by Elle Fowlers curled hair, didnt turn out amazingly i love curly hari though i used foam rollers kept thiem in my hair for 8 hours ish and took them out sprayed and clipped back

hope u likke xxx

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