Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Instagrams of the Month

Haven't blogged in a while, but I felt inspired to this evening for some reason. Maybe it's because i've slept quite a lot recently and feeling quite replenished as spring is coming at full force (even London was warm yesterday!) or maybe it's the fact that Hannah over at Which Way To Wonderland has started up blogging again but either way, be happy! I didn't know how to 'get back into it' because it's been around a month since my last post, and wow it's been hectic! I had half term, good blogging time ey? But no, i was struck down with a case of a throat infection and a chest infection and was left stuck in my own  bed for a whole week! I even was told if I wasn't checked out by a doctor the day I was, the next morning it would of been in hospital with Pneumonia for me, so I was petrified! And after some other hospital and doctor scares for me this month, one of which I might go into but not in this post (it is highly embarrassing), it's now and I'm back at school with SO much work! Story of our lives right? But last month I got an Iphone5 (black for those who tweeted and asked) and a 'What's on My Iphone' post will be up soon!

But how I thought i'd catch you up? Show you my months worth of instagram photos, wooo! 


I thought the first two photos were pretty explanatory, my friendship bracelets (mainly given from Best Friend, whose name is Amberli for those wondering), and a picture of me with my dog as a puppy and a youngster! The next two are from my birthday DAY, and the first is my collage of my beautiful rose, lychee, orange blossom and raspberry Laduree macaroon cake and the other is of two of my friends, who feature quite a lot in this post, looking super cute. 
The next two were taken in Maths (phones aren't allowed at all during school but..) of Elle, and she's utterly hilarious and uploaded them for me. The next one is a screenshot I took of my instagram photo (All i could find on my imports) of my customised Burn Book from Mean Girls phone case that my sister got made for me, and the other is of a super amazing mug I bought for myself from the Disney Store, of the octopus squid jelly fish thing from Finding Nemo, i also bought this for Best Friend for valentines day (Cause we're cute like that), as it's our favourite disney character. Next is a collage of my birthday tiara I wore to school and a photo my friends took on my phone of us at lunch at school, i'm the eyebrow -_-. 
The next is a birthday present from Millie, the girl who features most in these, she's a super close friend (sh'es the one on the right of the 4th photo), and a disgusting yet totally Instagram worthy drink from Whole Foods. The next is a picture of my Key Necklace, inspired by Zoey 101, but currently in need of a new chain as mine broke. 
On the right is a pic my friend took on my phone, i'm the one on the right. Oooo the next two scrumptious delights were lovely treats from Millie's mum on Valentines Day, she owns a cupcake bakery in London (Primrose Bakery) and they were absolutely amazing! The next is of my forever alone valentines day chocolates. The one on the right, also my Iphone lock screen, is a collage of me and Best Friend celebrating my birthday. The next two are quite explanatory, a picture of my chihuahua and Pink Lemonade Lucozade. The white cat in the next photo fell from heaven, he fell into our garden at 3am! He is so small as well, we've taken him to the vet to get like clean and check if he's microchipped (He isn't), we handed out flyers and everything, but so far no claims but we are allowed to keep him if there aren't, his names Mew! Then are some standing tickets to an Example concert I went to! 
Next is a One Direction concert glow stick, that i went to the day after Example with some family friends, and i'm not going to lie, they are my guilty pleasure! The next is the girl I went with, Ariella and I, in a restaurent at the 02 Arena. Ooo here's a lovely present I received, yay! There's Ariella having her first bubble tea ever (She doesn't live in london), looking as scared as ever hahaha. 
The next is of our Pinkberry Froyo we got afterwards, yummy! The next one is of presents to Millie and Sas (another good friend) before their party. The one on the right of that is of quite a few of 'The Gang' that came beforehand. The next ones just simple, me with curled hair. On the right is another super cute photo of Best Friend and I. The next is a totally Wild Child photo of Best Friend, Ella and I. 
The one with the pink border was taken today in Physics and was so funny, that's Jeanette - you've probably heard about her most on here, but she was wearing her amazing 'On Wednesday's We Wear Pink' - Mean Girls, jumper and we took loads of sneaky selfies. The next two are of Millie and I, the one of the left has Sarah in the background hahahaha I love it (she's also featured of the one of 'The Gang'), the last one is one i'm about to upload, again of Millie and I (we take a lot of photos shh)

So there they are, I realised I could not find two of them on my imports, sorry about that but if you have Instagram, and or have a way to check it out, check mine out at perdi_stoller, i'd love it if you would comment yours, or left me an Instagram comment with yours, I'd definitely follow and check it out!