Thursday, 9 September 2010

Snog, Married, Avoid..9020 style xxhahaha

Hey everyone,
today im doing a post a twitterer asked me to do and one im quite happy about..she ased if he could stay anonymous and obvs reads my blog but still hasnt followed?? well she found out how much i LOVE (i love it a lot) the show 90210.and asked me to do a snog,marry avoid about he guys there and will be based on there 90210 characters...haha so here it goess, sweeeties tel me if u like these!! and want me to do othrs...

WOOWOWOWOWWOW, everyone this is Tye.....mainly in the first season but wowzies i would DEFFS chose SNOG...he is a cross between n abercrombi model and a greek god..wowzies and hes tall, and fit, and he sings - well......

this is Teddy, a tennis playing hunk....well i would mainly only snog him cause his abs hnce y i chose a shirtless pic..also his hairs quite fit...

for some reason navid just isnt my type :(....sorry for all u navid fans

ok i dont remembre his name, only featured in like 3 eps, but his actual name is Kellan Lutz - emmet from twilight...ok hes hot but i prefered Emmets look to this so i would snog emmet but probs avoid 90210 versoin...he black mails,annoys BUT he is fit...

eww jasper is suh a drug-dealing creep, how could anie see nnything in him, he looks like such a creepy..he gives me the heebyjeebies.........but in reality a bit fit..

wel he is a bit fit but not that much,sorry ethan..

dixon is just not my type ......
LIAM LIAM LIAM, i love liam hes so fitt nd gorgeous and nice and caring. his hair is so surfer-dude-hunk and he has deep blue eyes..hes the fittest out of the bunch and loads of people swoon after him....hes my fave

X whos ur fave......

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

3 Favey Perfumes

Hey everyone,
today im gonna do a favey perfume hauley thingy..i have 3 faves and they go under 3 categories, casual and friendly, occasion and smart. then at the end i have the perfume i love and need to purchase and it goes under all three :)

This is probs my fave one...Hello Kitty Girl perfume (not baby, baby is the flowery version) its pacaging is gorgeous and for this version has dark pink as the base where baby has light pink...ok hello kitty is babyish but i love this perfume...girly, fruity, sweet, bit of vanilla everything needed for a casual friendly day..the bad thing is: it is more like a scented water, it is really liquidy and the strong smell only lasts around half n hour then u get a weaker scent but still is nice x
Ralph Lauren hot is a cocunutty perfume, i bought it in a duty free a whille ago and i have recently bought it again cause i like it a lot, it lasts a whille once squirted and also has loads of content in the bottles and lasts ages...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PARFUMMMMME, its is Jack Wills ladies perfume.its smart and is slightly vanillary and cocunnutty with a floraly scent, lasts a whille and the packiging is soo cuteee



hey everyone,
this is just a quick post to tell u: MY BLOG IS BACK, to normal.....all the pictures on the sides are back to blog was really bringin' me down..........and now i am back to my happy self doing ma bloggin'.........................................................and scl starts tomoz! so maybe ill try to do a back to school orginization tips later....hmmmmmmm dunno yet since i lost my camera i cant really take pics anymore sooo ill see what i can do X ---post comin later...TOP SECRET POST, no hints givin

Monday, 6 September 2010

The Lust List

Hey everyone,
thought i would do a quick lust lish, starting with lush then random makeup...enjoy, tell me if u like these if so ill continue, wat posts do u want comin up?????? i might do a Famous Fitties (basically fit guys from tv shows, singers etc...... )

Lush - HoneyBee Bath Ballistic

Lush - Sea Vegetable

Lush - Tisty Tosty Bath Ballistic

Lush - Cupcake facial (for teenage skin)

Lush - Mr Whippy (the thing from lush i want the most)!!!

Too Faced - Shadow Insurance

Urban Decay - Primar Potion/duo (mainly wnt the original)

Too Faced - Neutral Eye-kit

Urban Decay - Naked Palette
Too Faced - Mood Swing

Mac - Lovelorn
Too Face - Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit