Tuesday, 7 September 2010

3 Favey Perfumes

Hey everyone,
today im gonna do a favey perfume hauley thingy..i have 3 faves and they go under 3 categories, casual and friendly, occasion and smart. then at the end i have the perfume i love and need to purchase and it goes under all three :)

This is probs my fave one...Hello Kitty Girl perfume (not baby, baby is the flowery version) its pacaging is gorgeous and for this version has dark pink as the base where baby has light pink...ok hello kitty is babyish but i love this perfume...girly, fruity, sweet, bit of vanilla everything needed for a casual friendly day..the bad thing is: it is more like a scented water, it is really liquidy and the strong smell only lasts around half n hour then u get a weaker scent but still is nice x
Ralph Lauren hot is a cocunutty perfume, i bought it in a duty free a whille ago and i have recently bought it again cause i like it a lot, it lasts a whille once squirted and also has loads of content in the bottles and lasts ages...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PARFUMMMMME, its is Jack Wills ladies perfume.its smart and sophisticated...it is slightly vanillary and cocunnutty with a floraly scent, lasts a whille and the packiging is soo cuteee


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