Saturday, 7 May 2011

Saturday Summery: Chinese, Westfield, Fish, Boohoo Wishlist, Something Borrowed

Another long post coming up, sorry daisies, 

Today, as most of you know, my bestiest friend - Jeanette (or the following JJ, J, Zj, ZjZj), held a gathering of close friends. During this gathering we went to the most amazing chinese restaurant where we ate a variety of dim sum, duck, prawn, noodles and more...yum, then headed off for a drive in a limooooooooo and then designated at westfield.  It was ravin, we wended up seeing the film Something Borrowed featuring Kate Hudson who is my FAVOURITE actress, i love her movies especially the Ugly Truth. 

Something Borrowed is about this girl, Rachel, who has a best friend, Darcy (played my Kate Hudson). Rachel went to law school and made a friend who she crushed on for years called Dex (Collin Egglesfield - hot., one night Rachel was introducing Darcy to Dex and they ended up playing Truth Or Dare, darcy dared Dex to ask Rachel out (even though they liked each other) they exclaimed they were only just friends, blushing, so Darcy replied then ask me out....he did. etc etc etc.......they got engaged, but then Rachel and Dex accidentally kissed and ended up spending the night together, after feeling terrible they tried to ignore it......this went on, they broke up, they started dating etc.........All the while there was this guy, Ethan, who practically narrated the film, he said what Rachel was thinking, just by playing him, he wasn't a psychologist, just Rachel's oversmart friend who ended up knowing much more about her then she did herself. Ethan makes Rachel realise if Darcy was cheating on Rachel's boyfriend she wouldn't give him up, she would want him. So why not do the same and not cancel out on yourself. I think the message that the movie gave was really inspirational, i cried during some of it and i never cry, my friends laughed at me.....The message though made me realise and evaluate a lot of things.......Ooo this message was 'never be second best to someone else, be your personal best and never let yourself not try to reach for gold, never settle for silver'. It has really encouraged me to do a lot of things......

Well after that i was the only one to go back to J's house for some personal bonding, well laughing about her new fish which Gabi aka gave her. once we got back to her house, we were looking at the fish hoping it wasn't dead yet, GUESS WHAT STILL ALIVE, and worked out jeanette wanted perfectly clean water so off we went, we got a good temp bowl for water to put the fish in and off we went, j was too scared to put the fish in the net to transport it so i had to do creeped me out at first but turns out im a pro at it, and it is still alive, for now :). Tomorrow J and i are going fish decorating shopping for the fish, named Jimbo Perdi 'insert Jeanette's last name here'. Yay, i'm the godmother of lil Jimbo, who is blue and adorable. I want the tank to be paris themed with a lil arc du triumph and eiffel tower but she doesnt like it, or else prince themed (apaz its a he)........oo you might be wondering why Gabi got her a fish, odd present eh? Well she knew somewhere selling fish so ended up buying her this really cute male fish which is like BRIGHT BLUE and a bowl well tank with a blue rim around it with weed and some rocks, but tomorrow we are totally snazzing it up. Think...coloured gravel, ornaments and flyness - tank.  

Another thing i'm lovin is Boohoo, it is rockin at the moment with there new summber here is what i currently love:
Louise Lycra Frill Top Zip Front PlaysuitLouise Lycra Frill Top Zip Front Playsuit
Lousie Lycra Frill Top Zip Front - Mocha and Naby
Eliza Striped Turn Up Cuff Lightweight Blazer
Eliza Striped Turn Up Cuff Lightweight Blazer - £25
Sharon Asymmetric Dress
Sharon Asymmetric Dress in Black - £15
Lorna Ditsy Puffball Prom Dress
Lorna Ditsy Puffball Prom Dress - £25
Sarah Lace PlaysuitSarah Lace Playsuit
Sarah Playsuit - £20 in White and Mocha
Anna Jersey One Shoulder Chiffon Balloon Sleeve Body Suit
Anna Jersey One Shoulder Chiffon Balloon Sleeve Body Suit - £12

what else to right? Well soon i am guest blogging on, can i just take a second to thank Helen so much for the opportunity, i'm looking forward to it so much. Follow her blog and see her amazing posts along with my surprise post coming soon. Thank you so much again, i feel honoured that i am. X

Another thing is upcoming posts, i have:
- DIY Cleanser 

-High End vs Middle/Low End Comparison: Nars Vaisielle vs Mavala Lame Gold (nail polish)

- Makeup Routine?

- Hoping to do the 'Best Friend' tag with my best friend Jeanette...

What else would you like to see here, but if you do leave a suggestion please do not get offended if i do not do it, i mainly do posts which make me happy and i think my readers will like...........



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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Do you mind it when i have only done series posts recently? i'm gonna try and mix it up but busy been busy with school this week....
Well today is Thursday so i had double tennis, ict, science, music, maths, drama and curses - LIBRARY....sound fun huh? Well it beats the double tuesday morning swimming luckily only 3 more lessons left, nearly 2. yay. i also have a meeting thingy with one of 2 of my favourite teachers who is like the head of my year hopefully tomorrow - reasons = discussion, for some reason she loves hearing how i am doing? huh, a) favouritism towards me, not that i mind b) slightly creepy but i <3 her so i will go if it is tomorrow......i also start an unknown new sport tomorrow in my friday gym slot, during the middle term we do gymnastics or for me watch on the bench due to medical unablity problems and in winter term we have hockey and lacrosse......well thats my school OOO WAIT we also started Little Women in English, a classic. I am looking forward to it soooo much, but i know as we go i have to find who i relate to most: Meg, Jo, Beth or Amy (wow that is skillage to remember that).....People think i am most like Amy - proud of my extensive vocabulary yet vain like Meg (UH, how dare people think that could be true.... :( ?  )....I am deffinately not Beth aka 'Calm Tranquility' so as we go i will deffs be looking out more.......well thats my school week summed into a paragraph and i guess it could be a thursday thought.


- Shopping..........I love and have been craving party dresses and shoes my favourites being:
Yellow Ruffle Scallop Dress By Dress Up Topshop**Salmon Ruffle Scallop Bandeau Dress By Dress Up Topshop**

Cobalt Blue Lace Flippy Dress 
Cobalt Blue Lace Flippy Dress - £48
French Connection Silk Mix Contrast Tiered Shift Dress
Boutique by Jaeger Stripe Prom Dress
Boutique by Jaeger Striped Prom Dress at Asos - £180
Paprika Pleated Layered Chiffon Belted Dress
Paprika Pleated Layered Chiffon Pleated Dress - £29.99
i'm really digging the Boutique by Jaeger line at Asos, found here . A lot of stripes, nautical, 60's styled looks and i love the striped prom styled dress i found, urgh the price grrr....

- Lush Retro Collection..........I really really really need two of the things in this line, only able online, Freeze Shower Gel and Ibiza Party Shampoo

Freeze Shower Gell - £3.95 for 100g
Peppermint feels fresh and tingly because of its menthol content. When you're cold, it makes you feel warm and when you're hot it cools you down. Smells of Orange and Bergamot with aloe vera and sea salt to refresh the skin. I wanna be a cool kid so i want this. It seems sooo cool, imagine those nights where you can't sleep, you have one leg out, one leg in, wriggling, struggling, can't get to sleep because your both hot and cold...yeah you know it, THIS IS GOING TO BE THE ANTIDOTE TO THAT PROBLEM, what is not to love?

Ibiza Party Shampoo - £4.20 for 100g

To preserve the summer highlights throughout the winter, natural blondes should use Ibiza Party. Inspired by the party girls and party boys, with the small of grapefruit, lemon, rose and carnation essential oils your hair will smell gorgeous all night well till 4am where Cinderella rules apply, YOU SHOULD NOT BE OUT TILL 4. With added Pimento berries they warm your emotions when feeling tired and dejected (maybe a bit hungover as well)..I would love this for my dark blonde hair, sounds perfect + its lush...if any of you want to get my a random present, hi.

Talking about hair - OMBRE.
I love Ombre hair, and i've recently had a craving for it. My mother is one of those possessive mothers, not only is she like this to me but to my hair, She has refused letting any of us colour or touch our hair, unless getting trimmed, except once where my eldest sister died the ends of her hair pink and then blue so i am hoping that my mother just MAYBE will let me do this...I have a feeling it will really suit my hair which is naturally a dark ashy blonde, if any other ash blondes out there all know you like your colour but when trying to diagnose it you cant, it does not hve yellow/gold in, its just EHHHH THERE, its just blarhgbvastrv - if that makes sense. with Ombre it will add the perfect bit of colour to boost my hair, for you newbies who are not use to this terminology it is where your coloured dark at the roots and it fades to light...if i got this though i would also want more shaping to my hair but i know I REALLY WANT THIS. i want to talk to ma mere about this, maybe....just MAYBE she will let me......also if i bring up the facts i would want lighter hair just one more time she will kill me but the idea of cashmere blonde to honey blonde appeals to me, but she hates the idea of highlights and will refuse to let me have them so maybe if i say ombre will stop my craving for dark hair since it will have a COLOUR now where i think my hair does not have a colour, ALL I WANT IS COLOUR. and i will deffs not want any more colour, my favourite 2 people with ombre hair is the big blogger, LLYMLRS - lily melrose....

personally i think her blonde is a bit to brassy and blonde i would prefer more of a honey then a hmm yellow? her natural colour is a bit like mine, colourless in my view and she just looks amazing with it.....
another favourite for naturally darker hair is Rachel Bilson:
stunning right?
i really want this, so now i will post a picture of my hair, to see what you think and show you this colour...../no colour

as you can see, please i ignore my face expression.....i hate it. would ombre suit me?

hmm quite superficial thoughts so far, lets get more meaningful....


- GUM, ok less meaningful but i crave gum recently. i bought 4 packets recently, 2 Wrigleys Spearmint and one cola and apple hubba bubba, all nearly finished, i chew all the time dont worry always with my mouth closed and polightly, i chew in the morning as soon as i wakeup practically, when im home from school, doing my homework, blogging (ok not currently, wait let me get some, ok got some of doublemint).....i love it. My friend bought, Iniga, bought me a packet of Malabars from france, these are tutti fruttie streo-typical pink gum with those weird non-water stick on i chew these as well, a long with the tattoos everywhere, currently i have remainder of a LOL tattoo on my wrist and street on my ankle, i DONT EVEN LIKE TATTOOS but they are catchy, no offence for tattoed people. i dont chew in lessons though i hate it when people chew gum grossley all u can here is the squelching of gum in between their teeth, GROSS. aah giving me goosebumps i hate the sound

- FHM ( FOR HIM MAGIZINES) hosted the 100 Sexiest Women event last night, which two friends and i went to watch the celebs stroll the red carpet....These friends were Ella and Amberli, amberli being my fellow 90210 buddy.  last year people like Megan Fox and Cheryl Cole showed up, this YEAR BETTER - for me.....
We watched people such as Freddie from Skins, Shane Ward, Reggie Yates, Kerry Katona all wave at will be up soon...and then we met Arg from TOWIE and saw chloe, amy and the reem-looking Joey Essex who looked quite as he would say..............reem. and if he wasnt as Essex or well Essex as he is, i would say hot. 
one and only Joey Essex /\
 Jason Gaardner, from Dancing on Ice who ella new and he waved at her and us
 Alex Reid
 Amy from TOWIE
 Freddie, lookin mighty fine in that hottness
 Kerry Katona

well as i said earlier Amberli is my one and only 90210 buddy so when randomly we see this beauty in an amazing pink dress looking exactly like Jessica Lowndes aka Adriana we FREAKED OUT. IT WAS HER! THE AMERICAN IDOL OF MINE IN DA FLESH. We were freakin and flippin and screamin about, and all the other adjectives which describe crazy fans. Literally we were the youngest watching so we werent hard to notice especially since we were right at the front! SHE WAVED AT US! Ambs and i were like screaming at that point, we are obsessed, we watched her only on tuesday and this was wednesday. SHE WAS AMAZING, thinner then i thought she was but still my version of Jesus.  She went down the red carpet, me snapping pics, waved at us smiled etc...then finished we thought she finished went inside, so we were just like OMG SHES AMAZING then we notice THAT SHE WAS APPROACHING US, we thought she was inside but NO she was infront of us, she literally was like 'HEY' and i just flipped out and through my notepad infront of her saying please can i have your autograph, ambs got a photo. SHE IS LOVELY, so nice of her to come over. SHE IS AMAZING. AWESOME. BEAUTIFUL. KIND. LOVING. SEXY. ALL OF THE ABOVE.  literally i nearly fainted, she was incredible

she is in the bright pink

omg i love her...

well those are my late evening thursday thoughts

g2g, ly all...

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Monday, 2 May 2011

Haulage: Brunswick Centre ft. G

Hey Daisies,
Last night i went to my lovely friends house, G. Ok her name is actually not G but it is Grace. And she is lovely, i was joking hahaha.....Today we went to the Brunswick Centre, in Bloomsbury since it is near her house - we usually go there when i am at hers, Camden or Selfridges when at mine. Well... G realized she didn't get me a Birthday present so she decided, NOT BY FORCE, to let me pick what wanted from the Centre worth £20....i didn't complain yet i did NOT make her, i would never lie to you girls......and guys. Knowing me, lets go to SUPERDRUG!!! i didn't buy to much cause i wanted to go to New Look as well and admire jewelry and a sexy shoes. - perfect for me....

In Superdrug i bought: 
- 2 VO5 Products, remember i wanted to buy the new VO5 Give me collection: Give me Texture Tousled Style Sptay but i couldn't find it. So when i saw it i obvs put it in my basket. I also wanted to get the GOT2B Ooomph powder but not there so i got the VO5 version which is called the Give Me Texture: Instant Oomph Powder, i think that came up to £7.05
Pictures taken from my Canon Ixus 105:

- i then went to Collection 2000, probably my favourite drugstore brand, and saw they had a new mascara. I already own the Big False Fake Lashes Mascara which i love - but soo dramatic. Since i love the packaging when i saw there was a new mascara: Skyscraper Length and Definition Mascara £3.99 i think, and the brush is amazing, i'll put a picture of the stuff below. I love the sleek white packaging, unique for their usual dark packagings, but the brush is just so cool, the Big Fake Lash is good for volume and thickness, this will be amazing at lengthening. Only if they combined them......

- At collection 2000, since i love me some Pen Liners i was going to rebuy my usual Punk Your Eyes Pen Liner since i feel like its gonna either dry out soon or break but it was out and i noticed C2000 had a pen liner in....The Exttreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner.£2.99 - CHEAPER THEN MY USUAL. when i bought it i opened it, the tip is much more smaller and more controlled and MUCH you can see the swatches are below, i love my squiggly one it reminds me of the Stila or BarryM website :) - my inspiration for it....It is way easier to create a thin line, so i think this will become my day to day one and the Punk Your Eyes my smoky one.........THIS IS NOT WATERPROOF, that is what the smudged picture of, you can't rub it with ur finger and it smudges but with water BAM smudge so good for non-rain summers..wooop....


after this i had a few ££££ left like 5 or something but  i didnt want to waste all of it, so when G was in New Look buying the most amazing £19.99 Tribal sequin roped detailed flipflop/sandals......i was ogling the earings and the rings......i saw 3 pairs of earings mais/but 2 of those were the same but in blue and pink and one ring....i ended up not buying the ring or the blue or pink earings and ring and bought these £2.99 earings, these lovely Love earings but with the most gorgeous detail instead of O it was a cream rose, it also came in red yet less cute....

So thats what i bought,

Tomorrow is swimming. woop. see you tomorrow hopefully...
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X love you all X

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Review: L.A Colours Nail Lacquer in Plum Frost

Hey gals, 
As most of my longest followers know, i LOVE L.a Colours nail polishes, i buy them in Beauty base @ Westfield for 99p each. I have been buying for around a year now, since last summer when my eldest sister discovered the store. I own, in total, 13 of them mainly the pinks and purples but i do have a few glitter ones, a deep blue, mattes, shimmer, metallic etc...
My favourite one is in the colour Hot which i have featured many times...

This one is on one of my longest ones, Plum Frost. Ok most of the time nail polishes dry out within hmmmm 5-8 months but sometimes b4. I find with the matte ones they dry quickly if u use them a lot but with the shimmer and glitter last forever. Like this has lasted 8 months and only used once before, i bought this with metallic blue and pink. But this one is Plum Frost, when i first tried it i liked it ish but thought it looked like a pink version of kitchen silver foil..yet it was pretty, but completely FORGOT about it..the other day i was looking through my collection and saw it and i was like eheh but chose Hot over it, i wanted a colour with an undertone like OPI Senorita Rose-alita, which i got at my last manicure - a dim rose with gold undertones. Hot is a dark pink with strong blue undertones and Plum frost has silver undertones, i find silver unique so i liked it. i ended up chosing Hot but then text time i decided to use PF. 

When i put it on i never even noticed i had used it before, to me it was an all NEW colour i was in shock i love it. Last time used it was more of a plum but this time its a peach - huh? I loved it.....


i like the formula to these but i find they are overly liquidy, like with OPI they are smooth and quite thick where these are runny and can be annoying yet they apply amazingly usually non streaky. It only needed 2 light coats which i like.

I like the peachy magenta colour with silver undertones i am really diggin it

The brush is nice, not to small or big or thin or fat it is a perfect precision brush. A bit flimsy though, like easily gets on the cuticle. Once on the nail it is VERY streaky but i noticed that it was meant to be streaky, it like suits streakiness. Wait here is a picture of me trying to show u it:
can you kinda see it?

I give it an overall 

I LOVE IT......but the liquidyness and the streaks are not ma thing but i like it...

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tell me which ones you have or reccommend and or tell me what other brands i should try out or any certain ideas?