Sunday, 1 May 2011

Review: L.A Colours Nail Lacquer in Plum Frost

Hey gals, 
As most of my longest followers know, i LOVE L.a Colours nail polishes, i buy them in Beauty base @ Westfield for 99p each. I have been buying for around a year now, since last summer when my eldest sister discovered the store. I own, in total, 13 of them mainly the pinks and purples but i do have a few glitter ones, a deep blue, mattes, shimmer, metallic etc...
My favourite one is in the colour Hot which i have featured many times...

This one is on one of my longest ones, Plum Frost. Ok most of the time nail polishes dry out within hmmmm 5-8 months but sometimes b4. I find with the matte ones they dry quickly if u use them a lot but with the shimmer and glitter last forever. Like this has lasted 8 months and only used once before, i bought this with metallic blue and pink. But this one is Plum Frost, when i first tried it i liked it ish but thought it looked like a pink version of kitchen silver foil..yet it was pretty, but completely FORGOT about it..the other day i was looking through my collection and saw it and i was like eheh but chose Hot over it, i wanted a colour with an undertone like OPI Senorita Rose-alita, which i got at my last manicure - a dim rose with gold undertones. Hot is a dark pink with strong blue undertones and Plum frost has silver undertones, i find silver unique so i liked it. i ended up chosing Hot but then text time i decided to use PF. 

When i put it on i never even noticed i had used it before, to me it was an all NEW colour i was in shock i love it. Last time used it was more of a plum but this time its a peach - huh? I loved it.....


i like the formula to these but i find they are overly liquidy, like with OPI they are smooth and quite thick where these are runny and can be annoying yet they apply amazingly usually non streaky. It only needed 2 light coats which i like.

I like the peachy magenta colour with silver undertones i am really diggin it

The brush is nice, not to small or big or thin or fat it is a perfect precision brush. A bit flimsy though, like easily gets on the cuticle. Once on the nail it is VERY streaky but i noticed that it was meant to be streaky, it like suits streakiness. Wait here is a picture of me trying to show u it:
can you kinda see it?

I give it an overall 

I LOVE IT......but the liquidyness and the streaks are not ma thing but i like it...

XXX please comment and follow....

tell me which ones you have or reccommend and or tell me what other brands i should try out or any certain ideas?

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