Saturday, 7 May 2011

Saturday Summery: Chinese, Westfield, Fish, Boohoo Wishlist, Something Borrowed

Another long post coming up, sorry daisies, 

Today, as most of you know, my bestiest friend - Jeanette (or the following JJ, J, Zj, ZjZj), held a gathering of close friends. During this gathering we went to the most amazing chinese restaurant where we ate a variety of dim sum, duck, prawn, noodles and more...yum, then headed off for a drive in a limooooooooo and then designated at westfield.  It was ravin, we wended up seeing the film Something Borrowed featuring Kate Hudson who is my FAVOURITE actress, i love her movies especially the Ugly Truth. 

Something Borrowed is about this girl, Rachel, who has a best friend, Darcy (played my Kate Hudson). Rachel went to law school and made a friend who she crushed on for years called Dex (Collin Egglesfield - hot., one night Rachel was introducing Darcy to Dex and they ended up playing Truth Or Dare, darcy dared Dex to ask Rachel out (even though they liked each other) they exclaimed they were only just friends, blushing, so Darcy replied then ask me out....he did. etc etc etc.......they got engaged, but then Rachel and Dex accidentally kissed and ended up spending the night together, after feeling terrible they tried to ignore it......this went on, they broke up, they started dating etc.........All the while there was this guy, Ethan, who practically narrated the film, he said what Rachel was thinking, just by playing him, he wasn't a psychologist, just Rachel's oversmart friend who ended up knowing much more about her then she did herself. Ethan makes Rachel realise if Darcy was cheating on Rachel's boyfriend she wouldn't give him up, she would want him. So why not do the same and not cancel out on yourself. I think the message that the movie gave was really inspirational, i cried during some of it and i never cry, my friends laughed at me.....The message though made me realise and evaluate a lot of things.......Ooo this message was 'never be second best to someone else, be your personal best and never let yourself not try to reach for gold, never settle for silver'. It has really encouraged me to do a lot of things......

Well after that i was the only one to go back to J's house for some personal bonding, well laughing about her new fish which Gabi aka gave her. once we got back to her house, we were looking at the fish hoping it wasn't dead yet, GUESS WHAT STILL ALIVE, and worked out jeanette wanted perfectly clean water so off we went, we got a good temp bowl for water to put the fish in and off we went, j was too scared to put the fish in the net to transport it so i had to do creeped me out at first but turns out im a pro at it, and it is still alive, for now :). Tomorrow J and i are going fish decorating shopping for the fish, named Jimbo Perdi 'insert Jeanette's last name here'. Yay, i'm the godmother of lil Jimbo, who is blue and adorable. I want the tank to be paris themed with a lil arc du triumph and eiffel tower but she doesnt like it, or else prince themed (apaz its a he)........oo you might be wondering why Gabi got her a fish, odd present eh? Well she knew somewhere selling fish so ended up buying her this really cute male fish which is like BRIGHT BLUE and a bowl well tank with a blue rim around it with weed and some rocks, but tomorrow we are totally snazzing it up. Think...coloured gravel, ornaments and flyness - tank.  

Another thing i'm lovin is Boohoo, it is rockin at the moment with there new summber here is what i currently love:
Louise Lycra Frill Top Zip Front PlaysuitLouise Lycra Frill Top Zip Front Playsuit
Lousie Lycra Frill Top Zip Front - Mocha and Naby
Eliza Striped Turn Up Cuff Lightweight Blazer
Eliza Striped Turn Up Cuff Lightweight Blazer - £25
Sharon Asymmetric Dress
Sharon Asymmetric Dress in Black - £15
Lorna Ditsy Puffball Prom Dress
Lorna Ditsy Puffball Prom Dress - £25
Sarah Lace PlaysuitSarah Lace Playsuit
Sarah Playsuit - £20 in White and Mocha
Anna Jersey One Shoulder Chiffon Balloon Sleeve Body Suit
Anna Jersey One Shoulder Chiffon Balloon Sleeve Body Suit - £12

what else to right? Well soon i am guest blogging on, can i just take a second to thank Helen so much for the opportunity, i'm looking forward to it so much. Follow her blog and see her amazing posts along with my surprise post coming soon. Thank you so much again, i feel honoured that i am. X

Another thing is upcoming posts, i have:
- DIY Cleanser 

-High End vs Middle/Low End Comparison: Nars Vaisielle vs Mavala Lame Gold (nail polish)

- Makeup Routine?

- Hoping to do the 'Best Friend' tag with my best friend Jeanette...

What else would you like to see here, but if you do leave a suggestion please do not get offended if i do not do it, i mainly do posts which make me happy and i think my readers will like...........



follow and comment, it makes my day. happy saturday, off to read 3 Chapters of Little Women for english homework. x

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