Sunday, 8 May 2011

Super-cute Pony, DIY Necklace, Malabar Gum

Any of you have that feeling where that boring old pony is just NOT suiting you today but you have no choice? Or do you just not like the look of hair up on your head? Do you just want to have a really cute summer 'do'? Well stay tuned for my favourite way to wear a casual updo - A CURLY PONY.......................

Last night i used Superdrug Own Brand Pink Foam Rollers and rolled all my hair up :D .........then i slept, usual..............then i waited for like an hour b4 my bestie, J, came over and we bought stuff for Jimbo-Perdi 'insert a funky last name such as Lloyd wait J doesn't like lloyd since she dislikes Cher - freak, so maybe it can have another last name..which isn't Jeanette's last name OR Lloyd ://

Anywaaaayyyy............point is that to see J today i used curlers well rollers and made a pony tail, shall we see the pictures?

The hair, once you have taken out the rollers, spritz some hair spray then separate the curls and then tie it up, add some hair spray and tadaaah...i added a cute bulldog style white flower to match my outfit:
white top - primark
shorts - topshop
jacket - next

i made the necklace by ripping apart an earing of mine and attaching the chain from another necklace and landed this supercute design with a butterfly, i dig it.....

Soon a bestfriend Tag with J will  be up, i'm lookin forward to it so i hope you are to. Check out her blog, its amazing but with not many followers so check it out, please go ahead and follow....




  1. I'm lazy I use my curling tongs to curl my hair, I couldn't sleep in rollers.

  2. @helen trust me, i'd rather but my mum doesnt let me have curling tongs, i have heated curling rods but dislike em, i find foam rollers easy to sleep in. METAL ONES LOOK SCARY. xxx