Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday Musings: Spending Band, Weekly Wednesday Wish List, Rambles

Wow, monday has started. Officially back at school. grreeeeeeeeeeat. So daisies, tomorrow i have ANOTHER swimming lesson and another day at school....whopeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Well darlings one of my favourite blogs,, started a spending band for a month......I was heavily influenced by this and decided i am going to start one, till half term on June 4th. This will include : NO lunches out, NO buying makeup from oo limited edition collections, NO new skincare, NO (hate to say it....) lush - that actually hurt to write. The only thing i will be letting myself buy is either books off amazon, one order of around 13 books which will only be £25 or summin but i will pace myself for that moment and my amazing sister, Etienne's birthday present.....find her blog at, i still have no idea what i am going to get her but i will find out. and it will be amazing. Last year i got her Satin Taupe eyeshadow and Creme Cup Lipstick by MAC, and i was only 12 and i spent quite a lot of money on it so i was proud but this time i want something AMAZING for her, she deserves it. Considering Lush/Mac/Jewellery/Perfume........i got an idea, soon i'm gonna take her to westfield and each time she says i like this i might just secretly pick em up, depending what it is, or is that what i want her to think since she will be reading this post...actually Eti when you read this, what do you want for your birthday? and or do you want to go to Westfield? 
/\ Well that is it for spending!

I am not saving up for anything in particular but i know that i do want a few of the following:
- Shoes, heels or flats
- Jackets, i know summer and stuff but i'm really into like light-weight jackets, and a blazer i'm considerin...
- Dresses
- An amazing present for my mother in August and of course one for Eti....

Since i will still be eyeing things on the web which i crave for, i'm going to make a weekly wish list, called Weekly Wednesday Wants which will feature everything i want for that week along with making a page called Spending Band Wants and then i will photograph, store and price all the items (at the end of my band i will do a total of how much i would of spent if i bought everything and how much i then saved)....It will hopefully show me how most of the things i want are just impulse buys not actual needs so by the end if there is still something i want, it will obvs mean i REALLY need it not just oo its pretty i'll buy it.........

please join me....

Comment below if your going to do anything of the like!!!
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  1. I'm trying to have a spending ban until we go to New York, I'd rather save it up for that trip than spend it now.

  2. @Helen, do it with me :)