Friday, 13 May 2011

It's Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday: Collective Haul, Scary Movies, OOTD, Curtains, NEWS

long time no posts, actually only 5 days but for me that is a lot! Sorry i haven't posted for a week, i've been pretty busy for school recently. I already have had to do my end of year art exam, well i have the rest on Monday but my research Project on Pierre Bonnard but i still need to finish the painting for it but it's nearly finished and for French i had to design, for just a usual homework, we had to design a sandwich mine includes: Sprinkles, Rainbows, Clouds and Chocolate, i was going include unicorn meat or unicorn horn shaving but then i found it mean to include an endangered species, well i know its extinct and doesn't exist but let me dream, i also worked really hard on my Guest post for Lacencoffee which i emailed to her last night i think, i was quite glad with the outcome since i had been working on it for a while now (a few days excessive work.sorry for the excuses for the lack of posts................

Well as you can tell by the inspiration quote by the notorious Rebecca Black, 'IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY' or as i sang in french 'C'EST VENDREDI VENDREDI'. So today i have a bit o collective haul, then some wattup in Perdi's Brain and what i do most evenings, an ootd using a new feature, new curtains and new exciting news!!!!!!!

Shall we start with the OOTD, using a feature on photobooth i have never really 

Top -  Tommy Hilfiger
Tank Top - Topshop i think
Skirt - Hollister
Unseen shows - Aldo
Necklace not yet on yet - My lucky DIY butterfly necklace
I found my outfit so cute, it was like the long sleeved floatiness of the white sheer top paired with the bold bright skirt. It reminded me of what macbarbie07 wore on her latest Spring Chilly OOTD, i liked it. A bit more feminine then i usually wear, well not that i wear baggy things but i usually don't wear feminine tops and pretty ruffled skirts together but i am totally diggin it.

Now the collective haul segment:
well when Jeanette aka came back from Monaco for a long weekend she came baring gifts from Sephora which were:
Yes To Cucumber Soothing Natural Glow Facial Towlettes
Yes To Cucumber Soothing Daily Calming Facial Moisturiser
Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette..

And if you were wondering why i mentioned scary movies, not only is it FRIDAY (friday gotta get down on friday), it is also FRIDAY 13TH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aka Que. for annual scary movie week...This week i have watched: Final Destination 3, Perfect Getaway, Nightmare on Elm Street (last night - scariest film i ever saw literally) and Prom Night. I'm not gonna watch one tonight even though i was going to watch Friday 13th or Insidious but i'm still scared from Nightmare on Elm Street which i literally paused and continued cause i got scared. I was going to watch one tonight but i'm so creeped out, never felt this b4. And i crba. 

Today i chose curtains for my next house. i was kinda certain i was going to chose purple/lilac with a lace but i ended up choosing a pale blue with a dark brown and silver pattern on it, we have teddybear coloured carpet and i think probably cream walls but my sister is having turquoise and cream with a very vinatagey theme so now that our rooms are the only ones on our floor so i kinda wanted to match so i chose:

to match it i am having a velvet chocolate brown headboard for my bed, the black is actually deep brown but showing up black. But with silver rollerblind underneath the curtain and silver velvet throw pillows. I'm excited, i think it is gonna be really cute!

Okkk now for the big news....
i'm gonna start a:
i will be sticking to my current account name which has no featured videos: TheBeautyBug2010, tomorrow i will be filming a lil thing about me and what will be on it, hopefully i will post all my videos on a new page on my blog so you can keep updated with it and please follow my youtube as soon as it is up and running


best wishes


  1. Gorgeous skirt.

    Lovely blog :).

    Helen, X

  2. @helen oh thank you, i wish you follow x