Sunday, 15 May 2011

I went against my spending ban! SORRY

Hi petals,

Yesterday as most of you know, i saw my amazing friend Jeanette yesterday. We went to the Kings Road with my mother, my eldest sister, my middle sister, my middle sisters friend, my my sisters friends mum and me and J. We all went our separate ways though...

And yes i did go against my spending ban to buy a few things, 2 hair products, some yummy snacks and some lush.., nothing major accept i got 2 hair products i really wanted to try: Lee Stafford Beach Babe Salt Spray and Pantene Aqua Light Spray, soon i'm doing hair product collection with mini reviews and my Top 3 so let me test these and it will be up. I bought some Cookies n Cream Fudge, Yoghurt Honeycomb - i ended up giving them to Jeanette since she loved them, Chocolate covered bananas and from lush i got Sakura Bath Bomb, Twilight, Fizzbanger, Mrs Whippy, Sex bomb. and dat is it.....

but i have uploaded my first youtube video, see it here:

Oooo and i have really gotten into Wide Brim hats. One of the clips from Jeanette and I's montage is me with this huge Blue and White floppy wide brim hat with floral sunglasses. I would of bought both accept that total would be: £34, £20 for the hat and £14 for the glasses but i did love em. 
They were both from accesorize. I also saw ANOTHER dress in Jack Wills which i love and i'm buying it for a school event where we have wear white and a bamitzfah shawl. I love it but i'm not going to post it on here because i want nobody else, accept J who was with me, to see it till i get it (and so nobody else can get it - i'm selfish like that) so it can be a big surprise, because i really love nd really want it! 



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