Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Lush Haul.....Lush Review: Twilight Bath Bomb

Hey everyone,
went to Westfield, London today and went to lush...i bought quite a lot and my friend bout me n xmas here we go, all the pics were taken on my comp cam except my review section...

 Lush bag yayaya

Gingerbread Tin:
Includes: Gingerbread Bubble Bar - a fave of mine that is perfect for a winter bath but wasw sold out separately :( but it was an xmas gift yay!) 
Candy Cane Bubble Bar - smells greast turns the bath baby pink
Cinders Bath Bomb - spicy with popping candy
Lil Lush Pud - never tried it xxxx
 MMMMM Melting Marshmellow Moment

The Boog Bath Ballistic

Satsumo Santa Bath Ballistic - an xmas tradition of mine, to use on xmas eve

Catasrophe Cosmetic Face Mask - just tried this LOVE IT, ill do a review on it once ive used it a few times ill do a review

 Inside look
Crp swatch, the blueberry blue thing 

Ok now for the review on Twilight Lush Bath Bomb,
which i just used in ma bath, hence the wet hair in the photos

these pics r from the web since i well like just used it:

Lush Picture
Lush Says:

 Everyone seems to be in love with twilight at the moment. Whether it's the film series or that enchanting period betwixt day and night, we can't work it out. If you're stressed out and feeling like a member of the un-dead, this relaxing ballistic will stake all of your troubles and scatter them to the winds with scents of lavender and Ovaltine
Random google pic

google pic of it starting to fiz

End result haha

Ok my review starts now:
I BOUGHT twilight today and my first thought was WOW its huge, one of their biggest,  i loved the pink girly colour and the stars and moons r really coooooool. it smelled: pink, it was sweet yet subtle it has a faint scent of lavender.. Once the pink froff it turns into a purpley bluey colour with a less sweet smell nd more lavendrly floral, i loved it deffs gets u 2 sleep well.....
Whilst having this deep relaxing almost sensual bath i was reading Flawless by Sara Shepard, the second of the PLL series and relaxing.....I was so relaxed that i never noticed the calm glitter running round the bath, it was pretty glitter shades of muted blues and greens. It was glitter that u couldnt feel or irritate ur skin but looked pretty almost as if the water was made from crystals. It was so pretttttttty.
I should of mentioned the lavender was contained inside the bath bomb, the pink outside is just a shield for the bluey/indigo inside....This was the first bath bomb i tried which actually let the froff round the bath and didnt just follow the bomb itself...
This was my favourite bathbomb so far and I WILL BE REPURCHASING!!!!!!!
priced at £2.90  ithink  but soo worth it

hth xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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