Sunday, 13 February 2011

How To: Paint Brushes

Another day, another post!
Just got back from seeing Isabella again! Today we went to Selfridges,
oh selfridges, 
the home of the biggest makeup department in the world
the home of many many fun things
And the home of naked models for free photos!!!

Well i got a mac brush, and as most of you would know, Elle and Blair Fowler paint their mac brushes, as do i to my collection of 2, wait NOW 3.
i have numbers 194 and 129 and just bought:
dun dun daaaaaaah:

239 - basic eyeshadow brush
pretty cool huh? well i paint mine BarryM's Berry Ice, and it is a lavender violet colour which looks so cute on the brushes

hope u have had a fab weekend, now back to work on the big Pretty Little Liars Blog Post, 
sub section a) Emily.

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  1. I love how you are wearing pure JackWills! Nice post... I need to know- What is a haul? IS it a wish list?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!