Friday, 21 January 2011

Book Wishlist and Weekly Summery

Hello my 31 followers and everyone else reading-who-should-follow-aka-please-please-please-follow,
today i'm doing a new type of post a long with a weekly summery, this new post is a book wishlist, 
hope u enjoy, the idea was inspired by meganheartsmakeup vlog where she featured books.....

3,2,1 ACTION, book wishlist starting:
Our Little Secret - Allayne Wester
The Truth Behind The Death at Columbine - Books Brown and Rob Merritt

Never Look Away - Linwood Barkley

(Amazon pic)
They're Watching - Gregg Hurwitz
Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

The books i read can be quite disturbing, i prefer mystery, curious, murder, twisten books, i know kinda weird but it is my taste. Currently i'm reading The Enemy (authur forgotten), Bang Bang You're Dead by someone beginning with N and Wanted by Sara Sheppard (the last in the pretty little liars series). I love reading, surprisingly, and i have a vast collection of books and sagas. I prefer to stay away from gor and blood books for no reason but i prefer mystery and murder type things - The Enemy-type-book is quite new to me, i do like comedys though, Angus Thongs and Full-frontal snogging interested me a bit and tickled my taste buds whilst reading. I either buy books from Amazon, prezzies from fam, or take my sisters ones, very rarely do i pay full price but once in a while Waterstones is a treat :).


  • Monday my art teacher has decided not to teach us so he has got this random girl to teach us bout butterflys :/
  • Got of my one week Latin Progress before
  • Sold my first batch of Cookies.Inc
  • On monday i also went out after school with jeanette, i did do a haul.
  • I've had a good week, grades improved, nice friends, annoying friends - or enemies nd had a blast with loads of people
  • I have a batmizfah tomoz night and probs will have photos up, i'm wearing an asos dress with taylor swift-inspired-hair-and-makeup
can yall tell me what books you are reading or want and dya like my weekly summeries?

xxxx lusm 

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English test on monday

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