Sunday, 16 January 2011

Ma Birthday brings all the prezzies to the yard, and im like read this post.

hello hello hello, my friends. This is a quick birthday wishlist since my birthday is in a few weeks, February 5th and yah so here we gooo...

From A&F - my sister works there so hopefully she will get me something

Beauty and Random

Conair Inifiniti You Curl Chronicle Wand - my lovely friend Jeanette said she will try and get me this :D

It's Raining Men by Lush Valentines Day Collection, my other sis said she will get me this and somethign else

Vera Wang Princess Body Lotion - i want this sooo bad, my fave perfume

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Katy Perry Teenage Dream collection by O.P.I ft Katy Perry, mini set..i love that uniquie blue with chunks of pink in and the one on the left is just like wow - the sister who might get me the lush thing said shell get me this

Yankee Candle Gift Card

Topshop gift set

i wont get all of this sadly ,wish i would but oh well, have a good few days. Weekly summery will be up in a few days as would a review on hmmmm...secret

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