Saturday, 15 January 2011

Ellf, this one if for you x

hey, i know i just published a post but now i just need to upload some pictures for a friend...we have to go to a batmizfah in like 2 weeks and all the preperations are on the way and she wants curly hair for it and she is getting it styled for the event but she needs to bring a picture so i decided to take my oppurtunity to find some for her:

taylor swift sportin my fave one, and it would look beautiful on elle 

more relaxed but pretty, lauren conrad

Hilary duff, again im obsessed i went to her concert when i was young. pretty, girly and flirty the best combination

more bridaly similar to lauren conrad

i think this would look the best on elle, since the side fringe would look great nd the curls r just to die

i hope u enjoyed , good luck Elle with your search for perfect hair, even though u already have it. BIRTHDAY WISH LIST UP SOON.

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