Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Summery for the Past Days

just doing a quick summery...

  • We chose a theme for my year 8 disco on monday, Masquerade - i already have my dress prepared its all black and beautiful and my mask is gonna be AMAZING.
  • Today i got an A, A-, B+, A* grades.
  • For English i have to write about my own-isms, like fashism, communism im doing Perdism.
  • I am still waiting for Heartless by Sara Sheppard to arrive.
  • Cookies.Inc  - my company, is getting up and running :D
  • I hate latin
  • I love my JACK WILLS skinny trackies :D
  • My birthday is soon
  • I'm still trying to lose weight but im being kinda lose on myself so Im trying really hard to work on it..

so happy wednesday, ill try and do this weekly....

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