Saturday, 15 January 2011

For whom may i save the mask? Masquerade masks!

ok so to start of this post may i just say: VIVIANA IF U SEE THIS STOP NOW, CLICK THAT LITTLE RED CIRCLE ON THE LEFT OF UR SCREEN AND DO SOMETHING BETTER WITH UR LIFE, LUSM. ok now that that is out the way, lets get to the point. Tomorrow i am meeting up with the lovely Jeanette, whom u may have heard me talk of many times before. Going to camden for lil lunch then sum shoppin, then Lush on Regents Street, sadly there is no lush in camden.

Well as you may have heard, again vivi if ur reading this STOP, our year is throwing a disco where the theme may or may not be masquerade. I love the idea, of the Valentines Day themed disco with the romantic masks and beautiful setting (WEll somewhere in our school but i will be on the decorating committee so it will look BELLE), i guess i have been watching to much of Another Cinderella Story, u know the ones with the mask and Joe Parker dances with Mary, or Hilary dances with Chad (omg i loved Hilary Duff's mask in this one)

wow she looks gorgeous, i love the hair. 

well with the idea, i decided to stick with looking up some masks, as many londoners may know there is quite a famous store in camden called Escapade, it is a dressup halloweeny store which many people go to. And it is quite near my house so i decided to look at the Eye masks on there and i found these?

lovely simple but yes could tire your arm since you have to carry it on your eyes.

Cute, fun and playful, an easy peasy one to pull of...maybe to easy

The same one in purple as below, but i prefer it. Girly, black and purple cute and fun

It in black, nice and outrageous but could make me look to Gaga with the dress i am wearing..

Wow, the piece of resistance. It reminds me of Hilary's mask, and it is soooooooooooooo pretty

Which one is your favourite? i would LOVE to hear ur views

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