Sunday, 9 January 2011

Lush Haul!!!! and Redesign?

Hey everyone, today could be a post for of overjoy or depression (or is that too much of an extent), just please read on...

I'm going to start off with a Lush Haul - Last of The Christmas sales, i do this to often. Trying to cut back on all things makeup related, lush-related, fashion, beauty till at least the Valentines Lush collection - check out my Lemming List to see my most wanted, literally it is the haul collection. And my bday is soon where ill get more chaching to spend on lush :D....

I got, in the final xmas sale stuff (again) :

The Boog x2

Candy Cane x2

Gingerbread House Tin:
Lil' Lush Pud
Gingerbread House
Candy Cane (Again)

Bearded lady 

I have never tried bearded lady, just cause it looks like nothing special and i just found out those 2 brown circles r chocolate drops :/....It is meant to be moisturising and i lovvve the moisture..
I have bought the GingerBread House Tin before, actually a friend did but it went down from around £13 TO £6.?? i just had to buy it, so i did...i love candy cane bubble bar and my family loves the boog!! literally my sister once bought 12, so when i saw them again the last few for a long time i just thought wat the heck lets do it and bought those

Overall I have 9 more baths to enjoy :D
I rate this haul: **** (4 stars)

OK now let me give you the bad news, i am renovating the site, i think i made it go too commercial and cheesy with the overdose of pink and pictures so for a while - a few days, i'm gonna work on it to become a simpler pretty sight, as you can see by the background, which i quite like....Tell me what you think i should include?

Lots of Love x

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  1. I have received some things you bought for Christmas. I didn't like Lil LUSH Pud, but I did broke Bearded Lady in piece and liked it, it's moirsturizing (=