Friday, 3 June 2011

Nail Art! Lovin It!

Hey Jubbles (- interesting choice of name)

Shorter post today on just how much i've been LOVVVIN Nail art. ok now just a brief explanation on how i like it on me..i prefer not to do ALL 10 fingers in it, preffs choosing one nail on each hand, usually ring finger but accidentally when i tried out my recent one i did my pinkys. With the one finger paint boldly i usually pick a colour out of the art and paint all the others the same one or a variable close colour. I've tried cupcake nails once and it turned out OK and recently i've tried Aztec which I LOVE! and so heres a few i want to try out, again probs on 2 fingers.....

Prints - i prefer newspaper printed ones where you get ethanol dip it in newspaper and print it on a flat colour.


hmmm an escapade of smudge colour?

Hypnotising nails - probably something i will try next.

newspaper print

Random variation of wicked nail are, i love the square on in the bottom left and of course the leopard print..


and now are you ready for something totally out of this world. this is like no other nail thing.:

AN ACTUAL ZEBRA. LIKE HOW COOL IS THAT! ok too hard for me but come on that is just too cool.
i LOVE it...what sounds do Zebras make? nnnaaaaaaay hmm interesting question..

ok for my recent one i have these:

ok it is quite messy on the edge but i quite like it. The dark magenta on my hand is Katy Perry OPI in The One That Got Away....the actual print is L.A Colour's Lightning, a random BarryM blue and a random white. But the black i used liquid eye liner and it worked really well. just use a good topcoat. i think it looks really good, i LOVE IT!!!

what are your recent nail art designs or trends you love?


  1. i really love the newspaper print and may give that a try myself :)