Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Wednesday Wish List Minus Wednesday

Bonjour Mes Amis, 
plural now due to my more-then-ONE-follower blog, may i start off with a THANK YOUUUUU...
Whilst prowling the web including blogs i found a few ITEMS WHICH I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Variety of bags (should be singular), candles, AN AMAZEBALLS dress and well you'll see.

For a while i have been hearing about  Missguided.co.uk but never checked it out, STUPIDLY, so i was bored and said in my brain 'What the heck' AND looked on it, especially after seeing the most AMAZEBALLS dress on a blog...so these are MY 'amazeballs' loves:

Maylee Bow Front Ostrich Skin Tote Bag in Cream - £24.99
i think this is SO CUTE, it is such a cute 'in' shape, it has kind of a 70's-esque vibe to it (another 'in' trend) and obvs a BOW! 
It has:
<3 Patent Bow Front Ostrich Skin Effect Tote Bad
<3 Main Zipped Fastening with Magnetic Top
<3 1 inside zipped pocket and two small side pockets
<3 Approx 34cm width and  30cm height

Cherry Vimto Prom Dress - £25

anything to say accept WOW....yes.
The webbby says it has:
<3 Sleeveless tailored lace plat skirt dress
<3 Approx 83cm length
<3 Hand Wash only
oo and it is also a colab with Vimto (sweets etc....). it is jsut stunning. it reminds me of a 70's-esque dress again, there was a giveaway for this and i said i would wear it with nude heels (yes) but i think i should of added OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES. pweeeeeetty. i love it. and for the price of most dresses these days this is pocket change, well not for me :( but woooow pweeeeetty.....

moving on from Vimto i mean Missguided, ooh my fascination with Vimto chewy sweets mmmmmm....
Now moving onto a NEW find, i only heard about this company an hour ago but there candles just seem...........THE BOMB. they have a list of flavours i will write in small letters here: wait i never said the company did i: PINK DANDY
*NEW* Apple Pie: Blend of Apples, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Brown Sugar
*NEW* Banana Cream Pie: Blend of Banana, Vanilla, Apple, Sandalwood, and Rum
Birthday Cake: Blend of Vanilla and Cake Accord
Our interpretation: A rich and creamy vanilla cake batter topped with sugary sweet vanilla frosting 

Brown Sugar: A true Brown Sugar fragrance
Our interpretation: A sugary sweet blend of light molasses and sweet butter

Dreamsicle: Blend of Orange Sherbert and Vanilla
Our interpretation: Smells just like an orange and vanilla popsicle. Sweet Orange fragrance outside followed by a creamy vanilla ice cream center

Fudge Brownie: Blend of Fudge, Sweet Chocolate, and Walnut
Our interpretation: A rich chocolate aroma reminiscent of freshly baked brownies topped with fudge and a hint of walnuts

Hello Sugar Blend of Sugar, Lemon and Shortbread
Our interpretation: Smells like freshly baked shortbread topped by notes of sweet sugar and warm spices

Honey and Shea: Blend of Sweet Honey and Fruity Shea
Our interpretation: A delicate, floral honey scent followed by notes of a soft, nutty aroma

Margarita Lime: Blend of Lime, Orange and Tequila
Our Interpretation: Intoxicating scent of freshly squeezed lime and icy cold tequila

Pina Colada: Blend of Pineapple and Coconut
Our interpretation: A creamy coconut chilled drink spiked with fresh, juicy pineapple

Pink Sugar Cubes: Blend of Cotton Candy, Musk and Jasmine
Our interpretation: A fun and flirty scent that is sugary sweet like cotton candy with notes of very light feminine florals

Raspberry White Truffles: Blend of White Chocolate, Raspberry and Sugar
Our interpretation: A semi sweet white chocolate dessert topped with ripe raspberries

Strawberry Smoothie: Strawberries and vanilla ice cream
Our interpretation: A rich and creamy blend of fresh strawberries and yummy ice cream

*NEW* Vanilla Cupcake: White cake topped with loads of butter cream frosting
Vanilla Noir:  Blend of Vanilla, Madagascar and Musk
Our interpretation: A sexy and sultry vanilla fragrance

Acai Berries and Satin: Blend of Acai Berries, Lemon, Strawberry, Lily and Rose
Our interpretation: Rich and luscious berry scent with very delicate floral notes

Blueberry: A true blueberry fragrance
Our interpretation: A warm and intoxicating blueberry scent followed by light notes of Vanilla and a pinch of Spices

Citrus Splash: Orange, Grapefruit, Cassis, Pineapple & Vanilla
Our Interpretation: An energetic blend of sweet citrus

Coconut Vanilla: Blend of Coconut, Vanilla and Musk
Our interpretation: Exotic and creamy coconut fragrance with perfectly sweet notes of vanilla

*NEW* Cotton Candy: Blend of Sugar, Vanilla and Cotton Candy
French Vanilla Pear: Blend of Bartlett Pear and Vanilla Cream
Our interpretation: Sweet, juicy pear drizzled in creamy vanilla ice cream

Goji Berry Bliss: Blend of Blackberry, Goji Berry, Sweet Valencia, Pomegranate, Loganberry, Gooseberry, Vanilla Cream, Sugar and Musk
Our interpretation: A dark and juicy berry scent followed by notes of a crisp lemon fragrance

Guava Fig: Blend of Apple, Cassis, Pear and Guava
Our interpretation: A rich fragrance of sweet tropical guava fruit and spiked with warm ripened figs

Juicy Pomegranate: Blend of Pomegranate, Orange, Cinnamon and Vanilla
Our interpretation: A fresh and juicy pomegranate scent that is light and uplifting

Lemon : Blend of Apple, Cassis, Pear and Guava
Our interpretation: A true lemon aroma that is fresh, clean and crisp

*NEW* Lick Me All Over : Blend of Vanilla, Orange, Pineapple, and Cherry
Peach Nectar: A true Peach fragrance
Our interpretation: The smell of peach skin wrapped up in the scent of biting into a warm, ripe, juicy peach

Pink Grapefruit: A true Pink Grapefruit fragrance
Our interpretation: A clean and crisp citrus aroma that smells like freshly squeezed Pink Grapefruit juice

*NEW* Pink Watermelon: Smells like sweet and juicy watermelon
Red Apple: A true Red Apple fragrance
Our interpretation: A delicious fragrance that smells like biting into a crisp and juicy red apple

Strawberry: A true Strawberry fragrance
Our interpretation: Reminiscent of a Strawberry Patch picking day, where the wind is carrying the smell of sweet strawberries into the air

Sun Ripened Raspberry: A blend of raspberry and watermelon
Our interpretation: A sun kissed raspberry scent that is sweetly deep and zippy

Tangerine: A true Tangerine fragrance
Our interpretation: A sweetly tart Tangerine scent that is crisp and revitalizes all your senses

*NEW* Wild Cherry: Blend of Cherry, Raspberry and Lemon Zest
Bright Blossoms: Blend of Jasmine, Tuberose, Orange, Lemon, Neroli and Ozone
Our interpretation: A light and uplifting fragrance of sweet florals followed by notes of clean citrus

Butterfly Flower: Blend of Black Tea, Tangerine, Lemon Leaf, Orchid, Fresh Mimosa, Cyclamen, Jasmine, Coconut Milk, and Musk
Our interpretation: A light and refreshing bouquet of Spring themed flowers and sweet spices

Butterfly Orchid: Blend of Orchid, Bergamot, Osmanthus Flower, Sandalwood and Musk
Our interpretation: A harmonious blend of blooming Orchids, wild flowers and fresh greens

Cotton Blossom: Cotton Flowers and Mandarin Oranges
Our Interpretation: A light, clean scent of fresh cotton flowers with a pinch of mandarin orange zip

Enchanted Orchid: Blend of Jasmine, Muget, Violet and Lemon
Our interpretation: A sweet bouquet of Orchids with a magical trailing of zest

Fresh Cut Roses: Blend of Rose Buds and Rose Leaves
Our Interpretation: An amazing rendition of the red rose

Fresh Mint: Blend of Spearmint, Peppermint, Ginger
Our interpretation: A refreshing and uplifting scent of mixed mint picked fresh from the garden

Gardenia: True fragrance to the Gardenia Flower
Our interpretation: A pure and classic rendition of the Gardenia Flower

Honeysuckle Blossom: Blend of Honeysuckle, Lilac and Rose
Our interpretation: A pure and classic rendition of the Honeysuckle blossom

Jasmine: True fragrance to the Jasmine Flower
Our interpretation: A deep, highly intoxicating floral scent that is purely Jasmine

Lilac in Bloom: True fragrance to the Lilac Flowers
Our interpretation: A heavenly floral scent of newly picked blooming Lilacs

Orange Blossom: Blend of Orange Flower, Neroli, Musk
Our interpretation: Orange trees blossoming with their sugary sweet floral aroma that fills the air

Pink Dandy: Blend of Pink Dandelion, Heliotrope and Fresh Cut Grass
Our interpretation: Reminiscent of a breezy Spring day in a grassy field filled with pink dandelions and wild flowers. Our favorite fragrance, of cour

*NEW* Rice Flower: Blend of Lily, Hyacinth and Sandalwood
*NEW* Sea Shore: Clean fresh smell of water, sand and air
Vanilla Oak: Blend of Vanilla, Oak, Cedar, Patchouli and Musk
Our interpretation: A warm and earthy scent topped with creamy vanilla

Violet Bouquet: A true rendition of the Violet flower
Our interpretation: A sweet floral scent of a fresh bouquet of violet flowers

*NEW* White Tea & Ginger: A Blend of White Tea and Ginger
Hope you didn't get bored scrolling through that list but if you did take the time of reading it, THERE IS A LOT huh?
But i mainly focus on candles and one body polish and a few others here so i will put a 
picture of the product and the smells and description of the product i want it in.
Pink Dandy: 
Hot Dandy: Soy Travel Candle 4 ounces
Hot Dandy: Soy Travel Candels 4 Ounces - $5 (£3)
Hot Dandy! is made with soy wax and all natural cotton wicks that do not contain harmful lead. These zinc and lead free wicks are much healthier to use because they don’t produce harmful black smoke and soot. Soy candles produce 90% less soot than paraffin candles. 
I want them inn:

<3 Birthday Cake - Blend of Vanilla and Cake Accord
<3 Brown Sugar - a true  brown sugar fragrance
<3 Cotton candy - blend of sugar, cream and cotton candy, vanilla
<3  Raspberry White Truffles - blend of white chocolate, raspberries and sugar
<3 Vanilla Cupcake - White Cake topped with butter cream frosting 
<3 Coconut Vanilla - blend of vanilla, coconut and musk
<3 Goji Berry Bliss - Blend of blackberry, goji berry, sweet valencia, pomegranate, loganberry, gooseberry, vanilla cream, sugar and musk
obviously: <3 Pink Watermelon 
<3 Enchanted Orchid - blend of Jasmine, muget, violet and lemon
<3 Rice Flower - blend of Lily, hyacinth and sandal wood
Sugar Glow: Deluxe Body Polish 8 ounces
Sugar Glow: Deluxe Body Polish 8 Ounces - $10.50 (£6)
<3 Vanilla Noir 
<3 Cotton Candy

probably a lot more i want from Pink Dandy but i think i have enough sadly.

thanks for ready.
Lots of Love


  1. The dress is adorable!! Love the bag also xo

  2. @val thanks thanks, well the company would be thankful but i guess i am too since you liked the dress and the bag i like - im random ignore me. thanks xoxo

  3. Lovely bag

    Your newest follower, Michelle

  4. That bag reminds me of something Blair Waldorf would carry. I love he dress the shape & colour is gorgeous!

  5. @michelle thanks, i love it too..

    @StephanieDJL omg i LOVE BW, i did a post on how amazing she is called Girl Crush: Blair Waldorf, she is just amazing. The dress shape is soooo vintage ike something you would see in hairspray and then the design and lace and colour is just like POW buy this. so i kinda wanna...

    Thank you so much for the comments, it means so much! X

  6. Hi Perdi, I've been having some problems with my blog and had to start it again. I'm following again.

  7. @helen thanks so much sorry for the misunderstanding xx