Monday, 13 June 2011

Guest Bloggers and Cashz Update

Bonjour Mes Amis,
today is just an update cause well it's been like a week and i felt that i owed you a post COMING up i do have a REVIEW on a HG Collection 2K product and my summer loves maybe with a part 2 of the Summer Besties tag....

Where do i start?

On Saturday, yesterday, it was my amazing sister's birthday. She was turning old fifteen! How i remember the days she was was 2 and i was barely born.....good good times, i recently just saw the cutest photo of me from when i was young, i've never seen a photo of me as a baby only as a toddler but this one im practically just alive actually i'm like a few months but i was just the DAINTIEST thang....well anyways for my soeurs 15th we went to Brighton, with ma mere and my sisters 3 friends and my other sister and her dad came but they were at the Sussex open day so we were only with em for around 2 hours but it was fun...Did you say Photos? Why yes i do have a few!
my glorious sisters, the eldest - Tatiana on the left and the birthday girl Etienne on the right

ay i started writing this on sunday but got busy and didn't finish so Monday has making me take oveR)......Well tomorrow is my french oral. kill me. actually mine might be on wednesday. F.M.L. F.M.L.......did you get the point yet? FML. KMN. (kill me now)....I then have my science practical (the experiment) on wednesday then my killer ones start on friday with 3 and those have to be: Maths, English, Science. KMT (Kill me then). 

New Followers.
Ok this is going to be REALLLLLLLLLLY cheesy but who cares, i'm like that :).  Well i recently have gotten an increase, i know some of you are thinking that 'Your holding a giveaway' or the slightly annoying 'i only followed you for the giveaway' but who gives a beep? I know i'm holding a giveaway which has bribed some of you to follow but i hope once it is over you actually like my blog because my blog is like my pride and joy. I don't care about the follower number, i will blog with 1 follower or 1000 followers (Praise the world if i get there one day) but i love my blog too much to just give it up if i get an unfollow. I read on one of my favourite blogs: Musings of A Makeup Maniac aka Julie well i think it was her, she once wrote if you get overjoyed when you get an increase your gonna be disappointed with a decrease and you should never doubt your blog. Ever since then i never will. never have. I love my blog and i love you for following. Thank you so much. Now moving on from my sappy lovesick follower thank you is..........

Tv Shows, i love tv because it is just well lovely. I do not have satellite/cable in my current home but i used to then the bill went insanely high and my mother worked out i didn't need it, nor did my sisters so we are left with freeview aka E4, PopGirl the basics just not like the film channels, mtv or my guilty pleasure.......Disney Channel - who said a little dose of Sony with A Chance or Wizards of Waverly Place can't make you smile. My friends find me a freak because each time i'm at there house i always beg to watch tv - im interesting aren't i? But recently i realised why be so depressed over some a superficial object when you're so blessed with bless worthy things like a good school, luxuries and a nice bed and a macbook who needs another thing when there are people actually suffering so i decided i will make use of my macbook and watch tv on my computer. I know a few websites and i jsut watch all my favourite tv shows, some i would of never watched because they are not currently out in the UK. I also watch the american tv schedule so i get all the early episodes. i do get like 90210 on tv but i like watching ahead. My favourite shows aree:
- Hellcats that just finished the first season
- 90210 duh
- Pretty Little Liars
- Made in Chelsea
Pretty Little Liars is coming back for SEASON 2 in a few days - in america, on the 14th so i will watch it on the 15th. 

And now for the first part of the blog post title 'GUEST BLOGGERS' you have heard i have exams in a couple of days i want a few guest bloggers to keep in tack my blog with the blog ruitine with posting, i'm looking for 2 or 3 guests to write a post as a guest on my blog. My blog email is:
please email me if your interested i hope you are. Include in the email, your name/age/blog address - you dont need a blog to have one but if you do add/why you want to be a guest/what type of post you will do

That's it for now, soon should be a trends i love and a review but first GUEST POSTS, please send an email 



  1. Hi I found your blog while browsing beauty blogs.
    I would love to do a guest post, if you want. I know you would probably want some famous bloggers, but I would put my heart and soul into it.
    Let me know what you think. I still love your blog anyway.

  2. @willow i would love you to do a guest post x i'll be in touch with you very soon x