Saturday, 18 June 2011


Hello my good friends,
I know i haven't posted that much recently, i have a new company find coming up, then another review and a few other things as well...

But today i have my giveaway WINNER.
Thank you so much for everyone who entered because I HAD 150 ENTRIES ON IT, well some people had like 3 entries per person so i had many but 150 comments....moving on,
I randomised my entries on and the winner is:

Sam from

Congratulations, i am about to send you an email and i'm following your blog...

Thank you so much for entering, and i'm sure to have another one coming up - in a few months, hopefully with bigger and better prizes and a different theme....

Congrats Sam

and ttyl


  1. Well done to the winner xx

  2. Congrats to the winner! ... Oh well, next time :)

  3. To everyone: Thank you so much for being supportive and friendly to the winner and to my blog, it means a lot. Thanks for being such great followers!

    @lilidonna Next time of course, many more giveaways to come. I'm hoping to do a 1 year anniversary giveaway in a month but i dunno yet maybe 18 month anniversary x

  4. just seen the email, thank you lovely, can't wait to try them out! :c