Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Girl Crush: Leighton Meester/Blair Waldorf

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Today i'm...............happy because the sun radiates a certain joy into my body let alone with UVA Rays well for me they don't really do anything so shall we say UVB Rays/Burn rays...

Today as i write, i am watching Gossip Girl - to be exact Season 2 Episode 19. OOoh talking about tv, i recently have watched loads of films, tell me if u want like a Movie Review thing cause i have been contemplating that. 

Well whilst watching it and having steaming jealousy rise up in my blood for the beauty and the wits of Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blake Lively or do i mean /blake lively............Well recently i have been looking into Leighton Meester.

Did you know she here career started with adverts for Tamagotchi's and Clearasil? 
how cute was she?

then she had a few roles in random in tv shows and then bam she got acting lead roles in many scary movies. Starring in films such as:
Drive-thru and Killer Movie. 
i've seen drive-thru and i have to admit her acting is pretty admirable. Killer Movie i'm yet to see but seems so good. Coming up she has Monte Carlo coming out featuring Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy along with herself of course.

Whilst watching Gossip Girl i am a huge fan of Blair Waldorf, Leighton's character. So today's Girl Crush doesn't really feature Leighton as herself but Blair in all her Upper East Side Socialite Glory. She has amazing clothes and beauty on the show, as she should with the biggest budget out of all the girls but i absolutely love her clothes!

I want to try to do a hair tutorial for this one /\ it is so pretty! 

Her style is vintage, expensive and really cute!
If you watch the show you know her hair IS AMAZING! She always has such cute accessories, i found the best picture showing and advancing all her bows and scarves and ribbons and flowers! I

I loved her hair when it was darker and had bright accesories, like that BRILLIENT red bow in the first picture. I love her hair so much! It is perfect. I want to do a few hair tutorials for hair like it, especially the one with the plait and pink fleur!

So now if you were thinking 'i want a bit of a background on Blair' or if your thinking it now, YOUR IN LUCK!
She is describe on wikepedia as ' as a privileged, comically vain overachiever living on New York's Upper East Side
Blair's tendency to overachieve has been noted as a primary difference between herself and her predecessors. While reviewing the series' introduction, Janet Malcolm of The New Yorkerremarked that unlike some of her forerunners, "Blair already has all the money and position anyone could want. She is pure naked striving, restlessly seeking an object, any object, and never knowing when enough is enough." While discussing the collective Gossip Girl characters, she went on to state that Blair's issues made her "both a broader caricature and a more real person than the others."[7
Leighton said that during the casting they asked her to be
'Bitchy and Nice, Ugly and Pretty, Young and Old, Stupid and Smart, Innocent and Slutty, Blonde and Brunette' - quite tricky if you ask me...
Blair is my favourite character...

do you want some information on Leighton?

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  1. I'm not really a Gossip Girl fan, but I do love the character's style.

  2. YOU REALLY SHOULD. it's amazing. but i 100% agree with u style wise