Saturday, 28 May 2011

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Hey Sweeties,
today is a not amazing day, just some errands to do. I'm going to the Kings Road as well where i will be picking up some treaties for my bestie, Jeanette (yes Yoghurt Coated Honeycomb if she/you - pl, were wondering). Weather is one word - Grey. Just wearing a Jack Wills striped pull over (thin long jumper) and my A&F jeggings, hair up, usual makeup nothing out of the ordinary. Tomorrow i am seeing a long-time-no-see friend of what? 5 years? 6? We used to go to school together till year 6, and then for a few years we went to each others birthday but that was the only contact we had. She's coming over tomorrow evening for dinner, she doesn't live in london so this is like a one-off. Well shall we continue with todays post:

Age: Thirteen
Bed Size: Single but moving in July, so soon-to-be single
Chores you hate: Tidying my bedroom
Dogs: I love them, i have two. A spaniel (Cookie) and a chihuahua (Frosti) :
 Ok they aren't amazing pictures, but oh well....
Essential start to your day: Go back to sleep urmm work out what to wear
Favourite Colour - Rainbow! Jks hmm zebra? Rose or Baby Blue or Baby Pink or Baby Purple
Gold or Silver - gold, or my chains i have are gold accept my lucky-always-on-anklet has silver beads
Height - 5'7'' i think
Instruments Played - I've been playing drums for i think 5 years and i can also play a bit of Piano and Guitar (i can play i gotta feeling by the black Eyed Peas on both) and my favourite THE RECORDER, jks but i did use to play it
Job Title - Flyest girl in the world? Student? Sexy? Awesome? All of the above! 
Kids - I have 5  i want them, i don't mind if they are boys or girls or twins but not triplets but the names i love are: 
      For Boys:                            For Girls:
        Banquo                               Anastasia 
Nathaniel/Nate                        Blair                   

yes - Nathaniel and Blair are both featured in Gossip Girl
Live - London but when older i would hope to have pads in Ibiza, France and America
Mum's Name - Jordana/Jo
Nickname - Perdi, Perdz, Deetz, Per Diddy, P but if you have any other suggestions leave in the Hugs & Kisses section :)
One Wish - To live and die married
Pet Peeve - BAD EATING HABBITS, it sickens me
Quote from a movie - 'The accelerated velocity of my terminological inexactitude' - Easy A
Right or Left Handed - LEFTY!!!
Siblings - 2 older sisters, Tati and Eti
Time you wakeup - 7am for school days, anytime between 7.30-10 on any other day
Underwear - huh? what do u wanna know? I wear them? 
Veg you dislike - Toe-may-toes :) but actually that is a fruit
What makes you run late - bus times
X-rays done - Only on my teeth at the dentist
Yummy food i makeup - i vary but i did once cook lobstre
Zoo animals - i get interested by the fish, and the birds but my favourite are the flamingoes


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  1. Cute doggies.
    Enjoy your shopping.

  2. Cute tag! I'm a lefty too!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog :)