Monday, 23 May 2011

OOTD AND a Ramble Bamble Baby

Hey lovelies,
May i just start off with a THANK YOU for my increase of followers, it means so much to me that my blog is actually getting somewhere :).

Sooo what have i been up to, whilst watching Fleur De Force on youtube, a friend of mine and one of my favourite beauty guru's and i am planning a Spring/Summer Look Book post which i'm lookin forward to oo and summer exams have been murdering me
, i finished my art end of year/final today and it huuuurt ok i am not amazing at art, let alone good and deffs shutting up so when im stuck in a boring art exam without talking and to draw fml. but i think i did OK. 

I've asked my sister's friend to help/tutor me for my maths exam, well i am in the top group for maths and i am ok at it, i feel like i'm below parr for my group and we have 24 girls in our group and next year it is going to down 18! And i always make my self have like extra pressure for it since my sisters are amazing at it and i'm really worried so i'm getting help :)..

i might get someone to help with my french as well, for my Oral and probably some writing. Today my English End Of Year Essay was in need of being handed in.....fml, i have done it. i emailed it through to her this morning but i think it is TERRIBLE.. We had to continue ourselves on from Daphne De Maurier's Frenchman's Creek, ya know the gal who wrote Rebecca. Well we did Rebecca as a practise, woopideewoopwoop so no wonder we got another Maurier book......if your every interested in seeing some of my writing just comment below and i can see what i can do :)

My sister made Rose Cupcakes today whilst i was at school:
rose water cupcakes - they are beautiful :')
She used a Hummingbird Cupcake Recipe but added Rose Water, made icing and added marshmallows. They ARE DELICIOUS, i love em...They actually taste like rose. Actually i love all rose food i love rose jam
that isn't the exact one though, the one i get is from a French Farmer's Market in the Kings Road, i lllllllllllurve it. My family eat it with croissants and brioche but my favourite is with plain old toast mmmmm well not literally old but you know what i mean...

OOO Another thing i love is Made In Chelsea. my favourite character is Millie, i just love her. I think her hair is gorgeous and she had a micha barton-esque face for some reason but other characters i love are Vanessa, Ollie and of course the queen bee. Caggie! I love how more real it is, well seems more relatable then TOWIE but i think it is just soo cool. It is funny  how we all love TOWIE, or hate it but either way we do make fun of it because i guess it's because we don't realise how REAL it is but MIC is so real.

And my last thing before my ootd is GOSSIP GIRL, i'm completely obsessed. I am going to do my dream me tag and also the born this way tag can't wait but now for my quick ootd:

Top - New Look 
Pink Tank Top - Miriam
Shorts - Forever 21
Hair Flower Band - New Look

(Picture taken in the morning)
Hair was curled using Superdrug Foam Rollers
Collection 2000 Colour Stay Concealer - Fair
Mac Giggly Blush
Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Pen
Collection 2000 Big Fake Lashes
Mac Underage Lipglass

(i love mac and C2000)

how was your day 2day?
hope your amazing 


  1. Heyy. its soo reliving to hear that someone else out there is stressing about exams too. i struggle SO ,much with math, im in the bottom group, i cant divide or stuff, im rlly crap basically. we have our test coming up, and it gets sent to the high school to see what groups we will be in. i think i will be in the lowest of the low. i rlly struggle with numbers, unless its shopping, then im ok lol. and dont worry about art, im crap at that too lol.

    Anyways, i hope you do really well on your exams. and i am thinking of doing a youtube collab and dont know who to include. have any ideas? (hint hint) hehe

  2. @Soph: OMG exams urgh....thanks, ditto. Hope you do well as well........haha just got ur hint, took me a while though but yeah i guess we could. That would b meggs awesome, MSN L8ters? XOXOXO - just as the black eyed peas would say