Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wednesday Wants

Hey, if you are a good lil reader you will know this is my 2nd post, i mentioned it in my 1st, of today....A NEW SERIES CALLED:

soo basically this is a mid-week post, weekly, about what i want beauty fashion wise, lets join ourselves on a journey to Wonderland...shall we start.
Lampe Flat Sandels - Aldo
$60 ------£35-40(?)
In (l-r) Ice and Black Miscellaneous  (one or the other)
I love these feathered sandals. A mixture of boho-hippy-ethnic inspired crossed with chic glamour with the amazing colours. Ice - a white with modern roped detail with white and black feathers with a tiger pattern tip. Black Miscellaneous - the more dramatic chicer one of the 2, with the black rope straps and the black/green gradient with gold detail. HOT. 

Ellenthorpe Dress - Jack Wills
An annoying story about this dress. i tried it on bEFORE christmas but was out of chachangchachang so couldnt buy it, so on my birthday which i was with my friend elle in brighton we went to the amazing jack wills store and i saw they continued it onto the spring collection and i showed her about how much i was in LOVE with it. Just after that i had enough chachang to buy it so i was going to, but i was pacing myself for the right moment to splash out but then i found out Elle is buying it. So i'm not gonna be rude and annoying and buy it too even though arrrgh i was slightly annoyed that i couldnt buy it even though i saved up. and just when i was going to buy it i heard' oh guess what MY MUMS BUYING ME THE JACK WILLS DRESS' i couldnt get angry because it wasnt really her fault so i kinda ignored it.....

Eppleworth Plimsoles - Jack Wills
These are so cute, they come in a variety of colours (blue, red, yellow?, pink are the ones i can recall of the back of my head) and they are so cute, and much cheaper then converse. These are the classic JW ones and i think they are such cute classics, a must for me.

Enford/Broadhall playsuit - Jack Wills
Playsuits are ma thaaaaaang, i love the denimy look of the Enford one and the fact it can be dressed up maybe with the black sandals? But the Broadhall is sooo comfy looking, i wanna lounge in it right now! It looks casual enough yet chic to wear out of the house with oversized sunnies and the white sandals possibly. SO CUTE.

Ellerton Dress - Jack Wills
I never have had a dress quite like this, i love the fact it needs no belt even though the grey one might look a bit plain so either bright shoes or statement urm...SOMETHING. i love the silhouette to this dress and i have a semi-formal in a month or 2 i guess this will b perfect for..

Cowl Belt Jumpsuit - Rare 
As i said playsuits are ma thaaaang so i love this, i have a feeling it will suit me. I want to know what material this is, it looks quite luxurious, maybe felt or velvet could be suede. With an exposed zip, great with wedges and comes with an attachable belt. Perfect for moooi

What are your wednesday wants?
i know my lifetime ones are to get more followers, ITS NOT THAT HARD JUST CLICK THE DAMN BUTTON and please comment :)



  1. Perdi,
    I really appreciate you accepting the fact that I got the dress. I wanted it as well and as I said I don't mind if you get it.

  2. Hahaha, no as you said you appreciate the fact that i accepted, if i now bought the dress you might understand but wouldnt u be a slightly bit pssed that i bought the same thing as you even AFTER you bought it......I'm not a copy and buy the same things my friends buy, even if i want it.......