Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fun Fun Fun in the Sun!

Argh can you feel it, by it i mean HEAT.
It is sooo hot...except it thundered like a minute ago yet still hot, hmmm. Right now i'm sitting in ma meres with my sister , watching Can You Sing, waiting for Britains Got Talent and chowing down on two pieces of my sister's cucumber sushi maki.....

For the past few days it has been, by any better words, boiling! 
So i thought i should add in a few pictures just of sunny times and what i enjoy doing :)

imgres.jpeg Flowers - oo in Spring, flower everywhere! Sunflowers just make me happy :)

imgres.jpeg Tans - isn't it obvious? Anyone/Everyone must love having a tan, sitting in the sun or even walking with those dangerous sun rays hitting you it all benefits, unless you are like me and likely to get tan. That golden goddess look is in all summer :)

imgres.jpeg Magazines - Who doesn't love sitting with a Starbs in the park sitting in the park reading a good ol mag or 2.i know i do

imgres.jpeg Ice-cream - ok stating the obvious here but eh, ice cream is gooooooood anything which is cold is yummy

imgres.jpeg Parks - Look at tan, magazines and flowers....where does that all take place? For me it is Regents Park or Primrose Hill ...

imgres.jpeg Beaches - Well not that i am near the beach but who doesn't love a good ol' beach especially in the sun

imgres.jpeg Friends - out of school is the PERFECT time to do stuff nd bond with your friends, whilst writing this can i give a shoutout to  all my friends who read this...HEY Sophie, Katie, Jeanette, Elle, Bella Boo (Izzy/Isabella), Ivi (Vivi/Viviana), Gabi, my sisters, and obviously all my favourite followers.....(hiii kirsy and savannah, 2 of my most show-the-love-of-a-blog followers :) )

imgres.jpeg Smoothies - as i love Ice-cream and Starbs and obvs Slushies i also love making my self smoothies, i recently heard about this really nice one on a random blog i love (A splash of milk, double the amount ice, 3/4 of a cup of blueberries, a banana, one or two strawberries, please tell me all your favourites in the Hugs & Kisses section)

imgres.jpeg Popcorn - Salt or butter popcorn are my favourite snacks!!!!!

So this is everything i love, what do you love in summer?

Now for the thing i love most in the summer  general is:
everyone meet my/families chihuahua, the cute little adorable froof....or more commonly known as Frosti...I love him so much.....

in my next post i'll ad a pic of Cookie, my spaniel...

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  1. Great post. I love my holidays away in Summer, the beach and the general happiness everyone feels in the sun.

  2. @Helen I love me some holiday :) mm sun