Monday, 18 April 2011

Tag: Dreams & Education :)

ello darlings,
i was browsing through the interweb and i found someone answering loads of questions of like what do you wanna do when your older and like education and stuff sooo i thought i am gonna turn it into a tag and put it on my nearly 50 follower blog :).....

1) How Many schools have you been to?
Haha, only 1 :), not including my nursery or my prep school since my current school and my prep school were linked

2) Do you have uniform?
haha luckily no! but we do for gym which sucks but in the summer i don't mind it...

3) The day you finish school, what are you going to do?
1) tear up all my books b) PARTAAAAAAAAAAAY

4) The summer you break up from school forever what you going to do then?
Party, travel, party, travel, work, party, travel, work, work, party oo and shop, sound like a good plan?

5) What do you wanna do when your older?
Well.............I want to be an architect or like a designer but not for clothes like have a makeup range or something and i would also like to open up a store kind of like Dash - the Kardashians store but i also like planning stuff like wedding planning even though i have never planned one before but it seems like fun..

6) Do you want to go to Uni?
Kinda  yeah, Freshers week looks fun

7) Where do you want to live when your older?
Hmmm i want to live everywhere, L.A, new york, ibiza, london hmmm will decide when its get to the time

8) What motto do you live by?
You were born an original, don't die a copy and Don't dream your life, live your drams ooo and motivated by hate, inspired by love :)

9) Do you have any other goals?
Read my Before I die Page to find out.....

this is a really random tag but seemed fun...

I tag: 
Miss Kei Kei
Lily @ Lily Lipstick
and everyone else, my folowers and readers

or comment saying what you would do

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