Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Silver 90210 Eye Look (ish), Day-Night....

I was bored so i was, as usual, pondering the interweb for something to entertain so i thought i would look up Silver in 90210 aka Jessica Stroup...

Not only is Silver/Jessica incredibly thin, pretty, amazing, sooo cooool, she is BEAUTIFUL. In the show, 90210, she plays mega cool Erin Silver - more known as Silver...A quirky, sarcastic, bi-polar, cool chic. In the first season she has long wavy brunette hair, this is when she was in a more punky pessimistic girl with killer style, her style reminds me on one of my best friends Jeanette who probably is reading this - hey and yes she does have a red leather jacket = one on Jeanette's favourite jackets. It is funky with bright colours but 

still chic and casual but hot. Keep in mind since she plays bi-polar she goes from phases being a Rebelling chic to a loved up girlie girl...My favourite time was when she was more of a rocker chic...So heres some pics from those days.. I love her style!!! A lot of scarfs, red and green..........Then we went on to season 2 where she stabilised herself and was now a mixture between rock chic who was anti-popularity, cool and show stopping and a friendly, happier loved up girl  but we didn't get to see her that much since the main point of the season was to get over the triangle of Annie/Naomi/Liam which was a shame but there was a lot of shirtless episodes with Liam in. 
In season 2 Silver cuts her hair short, it was around the same time Riri did it (Rihanna) and it looked FAB, her style became more girly :( and was more one statement piece not a whole Bright outfit. Season Three she just looks amazing. I love it so far but what i think we need to focus on is her real style. I found a picture on google where SHE LOOKS STUNNING, sporting a sexy bronze eye with coral lips...


now for my take on the look:

Makeup used:
Collection 2000 Big Sexy False Lashes
Rimmel Duo in Soft Cashmere
Punk Your Eyes Pen Liner
Eyelash curler
Sephora eye brush

and for cheeks i used Mac's new blush from the Quite Cute collection in Giggly....

 her eyes are killer. i'm jealous.


  1. very pretty! love this look.

    i love your blog! following you now :)

  2. Shu uemura or Elf eyelash curler?Any suggestion?

    Best Of Luck!!
    Best Eyelash Curler

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment.
    I'm not an avid 90210 fan, but Silver was my fav character in the first series.

  4. @ashley thank you so much, all the follows really matter to me

    @nani well i don't use either bit if i would have to say Shu Uemura, more bloggers on the blogosphere rabe about that one :), good lucking finding one and thanks for your comment

    @Helen/lace n coffee your ever so welcome, i think silver may of been everyones favourite character as was the bad boy liam :) AND THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING