Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Spring Summer Nail Picks :)

Hola Chicas,
sorry i was just watching the 90210 episode where they go to MEHICO (Mexico) lets just say: cat fights, shirtless hotties and margaritas...
Wanting to do this post for a while, i have 8 polishes i think to show you, prices going from 99p-£25 and also please can i have some post recommendations or requests in the Hugs & Kisses section below, merci.....

Shall we continue?

 O.P.I Last Friday Night - it looks in  the bottle as a bright blue but it shows up a sky blue with purple undertone glitter, i love

 Nars Vaiselle - In order of my birthday, my wonderful amazing friend Jeanette whose birthday is coming up hmmmmm bought me this, it is an amazing champagne gold with peach undertones
Please excuse the badly kept bottle
Rimmel's Tangerine - a lovely coral orange 

Topshop Awol - A bubbly jubbly blue with indigo undertones and a creme finish 

L.a Colour's Lightning - i've done posts on this many times, it is not showing up how bright it is, it is naturally a fluerescent BRIGHT neo
O.P.I's Pretty & Privileged (inspired and sponsored by Naomi in 90210) - a dark shimmery candy apple red with bright red reflects

BarryM's Bright Pink - a lot of these are around this time of year, a lot of these i do own yet this is the true Barbie pink..

Ha i never knew i was doing the rockin hand move
L,a Colour's Hot - a magenta with pink undertones and purple overtones 

now just a random bamble:
urrrm quite bored, i had a friend over here last night and we went and viewed Katie, a friend of mine, on Blogtv @ www.blogtv.com/people/katiiee3000, check her out....today my charger for my Macbook broke so i had to go out and get a new one, luckily it was in my warrantee so it was FREE!!! saved me £41 :) urmm i've kinda just chilled ALL day urmmm im having seabass for dinner, hopefully this isnt tmi.....

well going now, sooo ttyl

oooo, soz for large writing, please comment and follow and please gimme some requests for posts X

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  1. Pretty nail polishes!