Sunday, 17 April 2011

Product Loves: Blue toned nail polish, Bright pink lippy, Aussie

so far today i woke up and watched 2 episodes of Australia's Next Top Model on my computer, then being told we were going to one of our families most loved restaurants - a mild thai/Philippine restaurant in Kensington mmmmmmmmm then came home and a few continuing problems with my cameras (i have 2 Sony Ixus's cause i thought i lst the 8015 version so i recently got the 105 but found the other one)  and now i am here and thanking my new followers :)...recently i have found a love fore a few items, some are repurchases etc...

My first love is Blue-toned nail polish, i went to Westfield and saw l.A Colours and was looking through all the colours most of which i had and i spotted this gorgeous magenta with a hell load of blue in and fell in love.i waited till my french mani chipped nd straight away painted them this new colour called HOT, well god almight it is very hot i love it

how AMAZING is it I LOVE ITT, i know when i wont have a french i will have this as my new summer colour...The application is very liquidy, i find thhat with all L.A colours they are which can be annoying but i love the brush they come with so it provides an even coat and it dries within minutes..

The SECOND item is Collection 2000's Long Lasting Colour Lipstick in 2 Pink Shock, i bought this for halloween and i loved it, it is a true opaque barbie bright pink, i tone it down though..
 i'm random, i know :)
the top swatch is how it looks straight from the bullet but the 2nd is with my fave lipgloss, Back to the Fuchsia by Benefit, and that tones it down but what i did not do on these was put my usual thick layer of tacky vaseline, by tacky i mean when its half dried because i put it on my lips then wait for a minute, then i put it on because otherwise its soo opaque and you can't get it off all really tones it down i tried photographing it but didn't work :(

the third product is an absolute MUST for me and my hair/my bestfriend and there is a product i have been using on it for absolute YEARS, Aussie's Miracle Hair Insurance, well some times i change it to Luscious Long version but omg these products are AMAZING.
they are only cheap at around £3.50 per bottle but ALWAYS have offers on them. They detangle, hydrate, prevent heat damage, makes styling easier....Wait have i mentioned THE SMELL yet. it is amazing  it smells like sweets and minor coconut and a bit of the beach for some reason nd it is a MUST for summer.. they also last forever, the bottles are quite big holding 250ml....

ooo i just realised i told u i had camera problems but not what did i ? sill me...i was gonna say that my camera wasn't connecting to my computer so i bought a USB  card reader...


have a nice afternooooon and hey tell me what you wanna see on my blog by commenting beloooooooow in the Hugs & Kisses/Comments section or just comment saying Hey i dont mind, i heart comments, also follow because I LOVE ME SOME FOLLOWERS and may i thank all my recent followers

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