Friday, 22 April 2011

OOTD & Mani/Pedi swatches

Don't hate me, yes again i did go to Camden Nails & Beauty for another £13 manipedi..
BUT THIS TIME it was practically for free, WE FOUND - by we i mean Elle and I £25 in total.
We went to Sainsburies because ma mere wanted me to buy her some Sticky Barbecue Marinade sauce so whilst we were there, Elle was buying herself some chocolate - which she did share and when she paid at the self-checkout and was collecting her change from the tub she found £5 in coins, someone obvs didn't collect their change properly..So we were like woooohoooo but then when we were leaving Sainsb by the exit WE found £20 note we were sooo chuffed we were like what shall we do? HMMMMMMM and then i remembered Camden Nails & Beauty up the road so we raced there asked to book appointments but turned out they were free at that very moment so we ended up getting both mani and pedis, Elle had some of her own money with her but i think £26 for 2 manicures and pedicures IS AMAZING.

Elle got a random creamy pearl colour by OPI with the katy p shatter coat on top whereas i got my usual Teenage Dream by Katy P by OPI on my toes which i LOVE and on her hands she got a dark purple by OPI and i had well i asked for a french manicure but appaz when i last painted my nails myself, in between my post easter holiday break up and my new manicure, it stained my nail bed with a yellow tinge, IT WAS RED!! so i said what was the problem and she explained that the white would show up more yellow, EWW no. So i asked to chose a new colour as we did and i ended up chosing a pinky red with gold shimmer, it caught my attention when we originally arrived but it was a tradition of mine to get a french when i get a mani so i didn't even think 2wice. 

The colour was by OPI, duh and called Senorita Rose-alita, heres the colour on my hands
 The gold isn't really showing up hear but it is lovely, my nails feel so smooth to touch, the Seche Vite topcoat they used I LOVE, i want it!!!
 Bad picture of my disgusting right foot and my left hand :)
Both feet, BOTH HANDs....Teenage Dream isn't showing up with the usual amount of glitter it has but oh well ITS AMAZING full stop. 
I did want to get a Pirate of The Caribbean toe, like with either the green or purple with silver shatter coat but it wasn't in yet..
Do you like these colours? What colours do you recommend? I REALLY NEED TO KNOW.

Well i thought i would show you what i am wearing today, well actually it wasn't today but the other day i took these photos, it is a shirt and shorts combo, a combo i love which i wore to see my grandmere...Today i'm wearing my tribal print brown and purple playsuit for a formal yet casual dinner at my house then maybes a desert or milkshake afterwards as a treat and a walk in da park...Since it is BOILING

Shirt - A&F
Shorts - Topshop

xxxxxxx LUSM, and may i thank all my followers and readers it means sooo much that i have past 50! I want to do a giveaway but i think i'm gonna wait till 100, please all follow and comment i love it when you do and come lets all try and get my blog to 60 followers my wednesday, when i'm back to school PLEASE. 

Hey before i forget also in the comments tell me an OPI nail polish that you recommend?


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  1. Didn't you get 'Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot' on your hands??
    I got 'Lincoln Park at Night'

    Love you blog- Congrats on your soon-to-be 20,000 blog hits :)