Saturday, 16 April 2011

Body Shop Biodegradable Shower Gels

Just in time for Earth Day, The Body Shop has introduced its new BIODEGRADABLE shower gels. Six new shower gels, not including the un-scented one, made from herbs and fruit extracts with Community Fair Trade organic Aloe Vera. The good thing is is the ENTIRE range is made from a soap-free base, so it has no drying properties and so it is suitable for sensitive skin AND they don't contain sulfates, parabens or colourants. 

The Body Shop Shower Gels for Earth Lovers - 250ml - £5 - in 6 scents:

Lemon & Thyme - Lemon is great to brighten, cleanse and tone oily skin and the scent is invigorating and stimulating for those mornings for those mornings where your butt is dragging ( :p). Thyme is an astringent, toning, cleansing herb which can benefit our mornings dull, tired looking skin.

Mint & Cucumber - Mint is an energising herb with antiseptic properties to rejuvenate the skin. Cucumber has cooling and soothing properties often used to externally treat minor skin complaints such as minor discolouration and bruises.

Watermelon & Eucalyptus - Watermelon is an excellent source of anti-oxidants, rich in vitamins A,B, C and is nourishing the skin. Eucalyptus is a stimulating, purifying and cleansing herb used to tone, cleanse and help improve tired, dull mature (?) skin and hair.

Apricot & Basil - Apricot is ideal for softening, nourishing, moisturising and regenerating the skin. Basil is used to relieve fatigue, to balance the mind and the emotions as well as improve the skin's texture.

Fig & Rosemary - Fig extracts help remove dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and silky. Rosemary is a cleansing, stimulating and restorative herb used to tone and improve skin's texture, it also has astringent properties which help reduce oil in skin and hair.

Pear & Lemongrass - Pear is abundant in Vitamin C and is known to soothe and rejuvenate the skin, it is ideal to rejuvenate the skin and restoring radiance in dull, tired looking skin as well as exfoliating and toning. Lemongrass uplifts spirits as well as balancing oily skin...

woah, i know they all look amazing. The ones i really want are hmm in order Mint & Cucumber, Apricot & Basil, Lemon & Thyme and Pear & Lemongrass. But the one i NEED the most, just because i love the sound of it and i care too much about my blog and all of you reading this, is WATERMELON ( :D ) & Eucalyptus..

Which ones are you going to buy?

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