Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Girl Crush: Annalynne Mccord, help me!

Hey my lovely readers,
how are you doing today?
I'm good except the weather is so urgh and annoying today, its not cold not hot not sunny not urm.... unsunny (?)  etc.....

oh welllll...
As most of you all know 90210 is one of my favourite shows
and one of my favourite characters is the ever-so pretty yet bitchy rich blonde girl, yes you all know who i'm talking about..Naomi, if you look above at the VERY old season 1 series picture you can see Naomi is the 2nd to the left..
Even though i love 90210 and no i am not a lesbian, i find Naomi so pretty and her body is just WOW. in real life you hear that some of the characters are too thin and are ordered to gain wait, such as Annie and Silver who are still stunning yet:
but then you see Naomi/ANNALYNNE Mccord who is not too thin but still toned and thin.
1st serom the firason Annalynne has lost wait , she use to be slightly curvier, as you can see left, the first is a season 1 photoshoot for the show and the bikini one is from season one screen shot. Ok no she has not lost wait she has TONED UP. Since there are a lot of bikini seens in this show you see how all their bodies look and Naomi's is definitely is the best. Even though in the first season her body was still great it has improved..

In the 2nd season she looks like this:
(middle) here though she looks a bit too thin, look at her neck. bleurgh. but yet still the current season though this is wear i get jealous:

btw i love the pink bikini in the middle. 

I would probably never achieve this amount of amazingness yet i can try..As you know i'm trying to lose weight and fat. I really want to get a few more fitness DVD's currently we only have one its called like the Jillien michael's 30 Day Shred. I find this soo hard its 20 minutes long. ok not THAT bad on the timing but the circuit is so hard, there is a warmup then 3 circuits of a few minutes of strength, cardio and ab-workout. ITS SO HARD.  no offence sis, who mainly uses this, IT SUCKS. yes i did say i'm gonna try doing daily, am i no. it's too extreme...i've been looking on amazon for some good ones and i'm really interested in Davina's ones, Davina Mccalls ones, she has a few but i'm only interested in 2:
Davina Fit and Davina Body Buff.
The routines are thirty minutes long but appaz quite fun. 
Davina Fit comes with 4 different routines all 30 minutes long so you can change it when your bored, these are:
Aerobics Fit – This is a brilliant non-stop fat-burning fest with lots of cool new moves.
Top Fit – Fabulous toning exercises for your bingo wings and other flabby bits up top.
Bottom Fit – Squat-tastic! This workout will help you to get gorgeous legs.
Kick Fit – Kick and punch your way to fitness, it is therapeutic!
Yoga Stretch – Cool-down and elongate your muscles at the same time.
.(cool down not routine)

this sounds quite good because where i would mainly one to do Aerobics Fit and Kick Fit when i'm not in the mood i can always change...the good thing about amazon is it is cheap so i can get a few vids when i do come to buying...

this comes with 3 pre-made routines, 30 mins long and then a variable amount of other exercises to target special areas:
Buff Warm up – You always have to do this before any workout! The next two whole body workouts are 30 minutes long and can be used on their own or with another routine.
Buff Cardio – High energy aerobics with lots of fat-burning intervals plus 5 minutes squeezing those abs.
Buff Boxing – A high intensity workout including 5 minutes working those abs again.
Then to target your specific areas:
Buff Legs and Core – A twenty minute workout aimed at shaping up your legs and strengthening your core muscles.
Buff Arms – A fifteen minute routine using weights to buff up your arms, you can use a bottle of water in each hand, but I would recommend that you invest in some 1 or 2 kilogramme weights, which will last you for life.
Buff Abs – This starts with a basic 5 minute abs routine followed by a tougher 5 minutes for the more adventurous!
Buff Stretch – An effective stretch to cool down, with the option of doing the shorter standing up version or you can add on a further 5 minutes with a yoga-style stretch too. 

this one also sounds good....

Again though thirty minutes can be a BIT TOO MUCH and i found a cheap company called 10 Minute Solution, and obvs each routine is 10 mins long. The good thing is they have like 20 different dvd's to do different things. There are four i want and these are:
(10 Minute Solution): Dance Your Body Thin
Blast off the Belly Fat
Quick Tummy Toners
Carb and Calorie burner

again i will list all the info on these

btw on all of these there are 5(!) different 10 min exercises...On dance your body thin there is:

Smooth and sexy moves, - lots of strutting your bum around with this section!
Dance toner - studio moves in this dance based toning workout
Get Fit Club mix - club inspired moves!
Cardio dance party - upbeat cardio section
Ballet sculpt - ballet inspired moves. 

These all sound quite good, then moving onto:
this has: 
Flat Belly Fast - quick abs work
Pilates Perfect Abs - strengthens your core
Belly Fat Blaster - short cardio section aimed to blast fat from your stomach
Ab ripper - different ab exercise to tone your tummy
Six Pack abs - ab crunches etc..
this has:

Crunch-Free Abs - this involves aerobic stretches on a mat. The exercises start off simply, and each set has options to make it more strenuous for more intermediate exercisers
Yoga Abs - balance moves of a fairly intermediate level
Bikini Belly - this is aerobics of the up and at 'em kind. She teaches a couple of moves at a time, and strings them all together, ending up with 15 different moves, and it's definitely not for beginners. I got lost and tangled and just wanted to get a plate of chips. Even she was sweating by the end and, actually, with a bit of practise, this will be my favourite section as you can truly feel it working as you're working
Ab and Waist Definer - more aerobic stretching on a mat. These are more complicated than the Crunch-Free Abs moves and require a lot more balance and a higher level of fitness.
Sexy, Sporty Abs - done on a mat, a huge variety of crunches

SLOW and STEADY BURN: A fun and basic low impact aerobics. A good starting point.
CARB KILLER: cardio kickboxing, punches and kicks.
POWER BLAST: Cardio with intervals of low and high intensity moves such as jumping moves and sports type drills, such as skiing and running through tires. This is hardest section.
INTERVAL BURN:This segment deffinatly takes you back to the basics you squat, lundge and crunch to tone your whole body. Also ab work.
METABOLISM BOOSTER: Total body weight training segment. Scuplt your body and build muscle. 

Are there any videos you like?  have you tried any of these?

do you want to join me on my Athletic journey?


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