Thursday, 14 April 2011

Paris Hilton, a fashion copy? hmmm

Not all of you may know but i <3 Paris hilton, she has done soo well well i do not appreciate the drugs etc..but her career is just SOO awesome, i love her shoe and bag collection....

but you all know she gets into her little big cat fights with fellow celebrities, but does she also copy them? what do you think?
Paris, left vs Blake Lively in a blue version of Blake's Catherine Malandrino dress.. I prefer Blake in this because the dress really hugs her body when on Paris it looks like it should be a night gown

Paris vs. Mindy ( the Office) wears the same purple metallic polka-dot dress by Mark Jacobs...I dislike the dress in general so im not voting, who do you vote?

Woah Amanda from Ugly Betty (real name Becki) vs Paris, Amanda is my fave character and her fashion is amazing. but who wore it better? I CAN'T DECIDE, the Alexander Wang dress is lovely and they are both so thin but glow healthiness it's tiring me to look.

Paris vs Tori Spelling, the ombre maxi dress by Gypsy 05 looks eheh on both but i think Paris looks better slightly

Woah now here comes the challenge, AUBREY VS KIM VS you all know i <3 the K sisters so this is hard for me.. The Alice + Oliva grey dress looks good on all but i think it's kim whose body looks better but the shoulders are too wide for her so paris looks the most red carpet ready :)

Mila Kunis vs Paris, hard choice on this Alice + Oliva frock, since one choses white shoes with black accesories and the other does the opposite i think hmmm Mila wins

Another K copy? Kim vs Paris, they both wear this Diane von Furstenburg dress both differently i think =/

Halle vs Paris, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh hard choice Paris wins even though i hate the shoe choice...i would of gone for silver hmm wedges?

ding ding 2nd round, Paris vs Halle in this lovely white Yoanna Baraschi sun dress i like how Paris wears it but Halle gives more of a summer feeling and i love her bag, paris's is too white

Is Paris a style copy?

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  1. Maybe she just has a really copy cat stylist?

    following you x