Monday, 11 April 2011

How to: Use Lush Dirty Tooth Tabs

Hey again,
before i start can i do a quick shoutout to my friends, IZZY, VIVI, JEANETTE(!), ELLE, INIGA AND MELINA..lusm

ok moving on, people loved my how to use Lush Face Masks so i thought i would do another How To, using Lush's new Dirty toothtabs from their new Dirty Collection.

This is what lush says about their new collection:
Dirty was a classic range in B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful for its crisp and fresh spearmint notes, clean burst of salt air and herbal fragrance. Simon scented each product with a different accord of the finished Dirty perfume. Layer the products and build the perfume back up again! Try it on your skin and you won't be sorry

I love the shower gel in the collection but currently my shower is broken so i didn't want it just sit there..
I dislike brushing my teeth, even though i do since i'm not a big fan of artificial mint taste and sometimes it is too strong...SO when i saw lush had something to CLEAN YOUR TEETH WITH i had to buy it, TOOTHY TABSso i did. 

Lush says:
Give your mouth a blast of freshness before a night (or day) of Dirty fun. These innovative, solid toothpaste tabs will clean your teeth and leave your mouth minty fresh.

i SAY:
they do not need toothpaste after, yay, but they do have an awful sodium taste to it with mint undertones. but there fun to use and for £2 for 40 of them its good, i don't use them everyday, maybe 3 times a week. 

This is how u use them:

Step by Step,
- grab the box
- open it and dispense uno toothy tab
- wet your toothbrush and put the tab in your mouth and bite
- brush teeth normally.


now for an ugly picture of my open smile.

Please do not diss my pale skin, pjamas, messy hair and no makeup :) oo and my bad smile.

Coming up is a COOOOOLLLECTIVE HAUL, off to go sit in the sun and go to camden LUSM


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