Thursday, 14 April 2011


HELLO readers, quick thanks to all my new followers and saying a hi to Alice - my new follower xx

Lime Crime yee? Doesn't sound like a makeup brand more like an illegal download thing to me? 
Well i went on, Alexa's website, Alexa is a beauty guru, more known as And she did this post thing, Newest Obsession post, and it was about Lime Crime Lipsticks..

The lipsticks she wore were just AMAZING, scroll down for more on her ones, i thought i would check the whole company out..
(lime crime logo)

I also LOVE the fact that the logo is a UNICORN, come on sweeties YOU MUST LOVE THIS.

I went on the website and i actually loved the stuff, so i thought i might turn this in to a wish list and show pics of what i want most and prices will be at the end...

- Cupcake Thieff, magic dust eyeshadow
- Diva, magic dust eyeshadow
- Medusa, magic dust eyeshadow
- Mirror Mirror, magic dust eyeshadow
- Twilight, magic dust eyeshadow
bottom row:
- Empress, magic dust eyeshadow
- Top Hattie, magic dust eyeshadow
- Nymph, magic dust eyeshadow


Image 2Image 2Image 2Image 2
- Centrifuchshia, opaque lipstick
- Retrofurist, opaque lipstick
- Airborne Unicorn, opaque lipstick
- Countessa Fluorescent, opaque lipstick

Eye primer - $17, £10
Eye shadows - $14, £8
Lipstick - $16, £9

Alexa bought:
Centrifushia, Aiborne Unicorn, Countessa Fluorecent

I love this brand and actually might make an order :)

heres some google pictures of the brand:
Packaging, Lipsticks, Eyes

Gonna see my grandmere later and do something with her...

follow and comment plz, what do you want from this brand?


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